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  • 03:54 New DARK CENTURY - Kill The Crowd

    DARK CENTURY - Kill The Crowd

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    Dark Century - Kill the CrowdAlbum: Murder Motel.KILL THE CROWDGo!Here's a song to die toHead first, thrash-out in the pitIn the MOSH, you'll die soonHow 'bout a shot of violence?Unrelenting attacks crack throughSilence breaks and snaps in twoBodies! Fly!

  • 04:11 New BLACK STONE CHERRY - Me And Mary Jane

    BLACK STONE CHERRY - Me And Mary Jane

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    Black Stone Cherry's "Me And Mary Jane," from Magic Mountain, out May 5 in Europe, May 6 in the US on Roadrunner Records!Pre-order Magic Mountain on iTunes:http://smarturl.it/magic-mountainPre-order Magic Mountain on CD:http://smarturl.it/bscphysicalPre-o

  • 03:44 New THUNDER TRIBE - War Chant

    THUNDER TRIBE - War Chant

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    From the album THUNDER TRIBE "War Chant"Label: Nightmare / Sony / REDThunder Tribe is a completely fresh and yet familiar sound, combining elements from the last 40 years in rock and metal, one moment you'll hear something from the Beatles or Black Sabbat

  • 05:49 New DUST BOLT - Beneath The Earth (Lyric Video)

    DUST BOLT - Beneath The Earth (Lyric Video)

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    Pre-Order "Awake The Riot" now!http://shop.napalmrecords.com/dustboltThe German shooting stars are back with a vengeance! "Awake the Riot" is the perfect example of how Thrash Metal should sound, and shows that DUST BOLT are already snapping at the heels

  • 03:48 New STREAM OF PASSION - A War Of Our Own

    STREAM OF PASSION - A War Of Our Own

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    Official video of "A war of our own", taken from the album "A war of our own", available April 18, 2014!Order now:bol.com:http://www.bol.com/nl/p/a-war-of-our-...EMP:http://www.emp.de/stream-of-passion-a...iTunes:http://georiot.co/2UmfAn ADEH production (

  • 05:07 New SAVN - Hang On

    SAVN - Hang On

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    SAVN - Hang On (OFFICIAL VIDEO). From Savn's self-titled debut album, released april 2014.ORDER links:http://on.fb.me/OEkz3kORDER ALBUM and MERCH:http://bit.ly/1gxypvJORDER at NUCLEAR BLAST:http://bit.ly/1l0I15kORDER at EMP-ONLINE:http://bit.ly/QcBmeKORDE

  • 04:08 New ENTHRALLMENT - Mummified Ante Mortem

    ENTHRALLMENT - Mummified Ante Mortem

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    from "The Voice of Human Perversity" 2014Labels: Rebirth the Metal Productions & Grindhead RecordsDoP&Edit - Val Volegna

  • 06:03 New CRS - Fariseos (Lyric Video)

    CRS - Fariseos (Lyric Video)

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    canción remasterizada del album "Reciclando Desesperación" por su XV aniversario.No olvides visitar las paginas web para tener contacto con la banda, mi estudio o el sello discográfico.CRS Facebook Oficial:https://www.facebook.com/Cir

  • 02:40 New Popular VADER - Where Angels Weep (LYRIC VIDEO)

    VADER - Where Angels Weep (LYRIC VIDEO)

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    They are back! The lyrics for Vader's 'Where Angels Weep'.Order at:http://smarturl.it/Vader-TEISUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube:http://bit.ly/subs-nb-ytSUBSCRIBE to Vader YouTube:http://bit.ly/subs-vdr-ytORDER AT:Nuclear Blast:http://smarturl.it/Vader-T

  • 04:10 New 42 DECIBEL - Rocker Soul

    42 DECIBEL - Rocker Soul

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    Taken from the album "Hard Rock N´Roll" - Out Now!Tourdates and infos: https://www.facebook.com/42Decibelofficial

  • 03:55 New Popular PRIMAL FEAR Randy Black Live Drum Cam Footage

    PRIMAL FEAR Randy Black Live Drum Cam Footage

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    A little shaky but you get the idea of the view from my position. This was filmed in Warsaw, Poland during the 2014 Delivering The Black Tour of Europe.

  • 03:32 New HEARTIST - Pressure Point

    HEARTIST - Pressure Point

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    Heartist's video for "Pressure Point" from the band's full-length debut, Feeding Fiction, out this summer on Roadrunner Records! Download the single now on iTunes:http://smarturl.it/pressurepointSubscribe:http://bit.ly/171a3YaSite:http://heartistband.comF

  • 03:17 New Popular HORNSS - Debreeding

    HORNSS - Debreeding

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    HORNSS debut LP - No Blood, No Sympathy - On salehttp://www.easyriderrecords.com/produ...Out worldwide May 13th 2014!Follow the band on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/HORNSS?fref=ts

  • 03:32 New Popular BAD SEED RISING - Hey Kid (LYRIC VIDEO)


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    Bad Seed Rising's lyric video for 'Hey Kid' from the debut EP, Charm City - available now. Download it athttp://bit.ly/1gLF190Site:http://badseedrisingband.comFacebook:http://facebook.com/badseedrisingbandInstagram:http://instagr.am/twentyonepilotsTwitter

  • 11:11 New EDEN'S CURSE - Guitar Production with THORSTEN KOEHNE

    EDEN'S CURSE - Guitar Production with THORSTEN KOEHNE

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    A look behind the scenes with Thorsten Koehne and the gear he used to record his guitars for the new Eden's Curse album "Symphony Of Sin" which was released by AFM RECORDS worldwide on 4th October 2013. Buy it here :http://shop.afm-records.de/en/eden-s-..

  • 04:12 New Popular OUR LAST ENEMY - 10,000 Headless Horses

    OUR LAST ENEMY - 10,000 Headless Horses

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    Our Last Enemy's official music video for the song 10,000 Headless Horses.iTunes:http://smarturl.it/84ojr9?iqid=tubeCompact Disc:http://smarturl.it/5731j6?iqid=tubeStream:http://smarturl.it/ourlastenemy-strea...Subscribe:http://smarturl.it/6gx0egTaken fro

  • 03:23 New Popular ALOGIA - Vreme je

    ALOGIA - Vreme je

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    Drugi singl sa albuma "Elegia Balcanica" !!!Out in September 2014 on MINER RECORDS ! ! !VREME JEOvo je svet loših idolapod zastavama lažnih simbola.Vreme je za promene!Kad prave vrednosti ne postojeaure nose opasne boje.Vreme je za promene!Jer kada

  • 07:48 New THE COMMITTEE - Man Of Steel

    THE COMMITTEE - Man Of Steel

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    Song from THE COMMITTEE from the Debut album "Power Through Unity".Album released by Folter Records, out on 28/02/2014.Official site:http://www.thecommitteecult.com/Lyrics:Death, sweeps through the fields,Silent, stalking her prey.Young guns, red with fur

  • 03:41 New EAT THE GUN - Wake Me Up

    EAT THE GUN - Wake Me Up

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    Taken from the album "Stripped To The Bone" - Out Now!Tourdates and infos under:http://www.eatthegun.com

  • 02:49 New SWORN TO OATH - Free Me

    SWORN TO OATH - Free Me

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    Sworn To Oath - 'Free Me' (OFFICIAL VIDEO)Pre-order Bundles:http://www.transcendmusic.bigcartel.com/The brand new video and track 'Free Me' taken from the forthcoming full length album 'Pillars' by Sworn To Oath!Release date: June 2nd 2014Pre order the al

  • 04:03 New SEBASTIAN BACH - Taking Back Tomorrow (Lyric Video)

    SEBASTIAN BACH - Taking Back Tomorrow (Lyric Video)

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    iTunes:http://smarturl.it/GiveEmHellAmazon:http://smarturl.it/SB_AmzPreorder"Taking Back Tomorrow" is taken from the album GIVE 'EM HELL on Frontiers Records.

  • 05:12 New 1349 - Slaves (Lyric Video)

    1349 - Slaves (Lyric Video)

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  • 04:19 New BOMBUS - Let Her Die

    BOMBUS - Let Her Die

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    BOMBUS - Let Her Die (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "The Poet And The Parrot". Century Media 2013. Pre-order now at CM DISTRO:http://smarturl.it/bombuscmd

  • 03:31 ABORTED - Coffin Upon Coffin

    ABORTED - Coffin Upon Coffin

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    ABORTED - Coffin Upon Coffin (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "The Necrotic Manifesto". Century Media 2014. Pre-order now: CM Distro: http://smarturl.it/abortedCMDiTunes: http://smarturl.it/abortedNecManITUNES

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