ART OF ATTRITION Provides A Devastating Soundtrack To Anger With “Vitriol” Off “...And It Will All End Forever” Out July 2024


L-R - Johnny VanderRoest (Guitars), Joshua Hahn (Vocals), Jack Sutherland (Guitars), Greg Smith (Drums)

Photo Credit - Abscene Productions

Art of Attrition is a blackened technical deathcore band who separated themselves from the underground local scene with their 8-string barrage of dueling melodic guitars, gravity blast beats, intense guttural vocals, and epic orchestration. This year they are releasing their new EP “...And It Will All End Forever” on July 26, 2024. To whet the palates of those who enjoy infectious, brutal music, they are now releasing their music video for the single “Vitriol”, which they comment on:

“Vitriol was the first single we wrote and it set the tone for what we wanted to hear in the E.P. musically and lyrically. We created an eerie, despair-like atmosphere within the song while still recalling a fierceness. Creatively, we tried some new song structure ideas and it turned out exactly how we wanted. We are feeling very positive for the next chapter of AOA music.”

Musically, “Vitriol” is technical and epic. It starts with a melodic intro that is reflective of the first verse riff and gives an eerie rising effect. It is fast and technically proficient. It has a very epic chorus, haunting and catchy! Lyrically, it explores themes of anger - if left unchecked, it tends to fester over time. The single is an introspective foray into the worthiness of allowing space for such feelings and actions, into one's own life.

The EP, “...And It Will All End Forever” is pure chaotic inoculation. A culmination of everything AoA has worked so hard to achieve in one record. Now, they are set to write a bit out of their comfort zone and delve into other genres that they love. The EP is recommended for fans of Lorna Shore, Aversions Crown, and Gaerea.

Digital Single -

Due out on July 26th, 2024, “...And It Will All End Forever” is available for pre-order as of July 5th

Track Listing
1. Drowned in Fog (4:38)
2. Vitriol (5:11)
3. Emaciate (4:51)
4. …And It Will All End Forever (5:43)

EP and Live Band Line-Up:
Jack Sutherland: Guitars, Synths, Bass, Orchestrations
Johnny VanderRoest: Guitars
Joshua Hahn: Vocals
Greg Smith: Drums

More info:

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