Ripped from the Bowels of Hell Comes MRSA's Horrifically Theatrical New Music Video “Crystal Lake”

Prepare to be dragged kicking and screaming into the sickeningly dark world of horror films with MRSA's latest video single “Crystal Lake”. Fronted by the grotesquely charismatic Dean Corpse, they unleash a nightmarish blend of unrelenting music and horror theatrics that will leave you begging for more. They comment on the single:

“This a reworked version of said song from our last EP. We felt that this song is the perfect embodiment of what we as a band love to do! This track represents the hooks and brutal in-your-face music that we want to be known for. Along with the video we want to represent some of what we do live as well. As much fun as you are having watching this, we want to give the same energy live!”

MRSA doesn't just perform; they immerse you in a full-blown horror show. Each performance is an unforgettable spectacle featuring scare actors, full effects, and meticulously crafted props. Expect sprayed blood, eerie fog, and spine-chilling lighting that drags you into the void of extremeness. No two MRSA shows are the same, ensuring an unpredictable and exhilarating experience every time. This dedication to entertainment bleeds through in the newest video.

“Crystal Lake” marks the first of many hellish offerings from their forthcoming album “Horrifier” set to be released later in the year on CDN Records. The album promises 11 tracks of pure, unrelenting death metal horror goodness, each song an homage to a classic horror film, blending old-school sound with modern extremity. Fans of horror and metal alike will devour these hook-filled anthems with glee, each track is a tribute to the films that shaped MRSA's twisted vision. The band is recommended for fans of horror and gore as well as those who enjoy Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and Gwar.

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