• JUPITER CYCLOPS Unveils Visual Video For “UFOnaut” Off New Album “Age of the UFOnaut” Out July 2024

    Formed by scene veteran Aaron Peltz (Downthesun, On a Pale Horse) and joined by guitarist Dustin Lyon (Opiate for the Masses), bassist Jake Melius (Big Wheel Stunt Show), and drummer Kyle Eades (Old Fashion Assassin), JUPITER CYCLOPS is ready to set the rock world on fire!

    Their debut album “Age Of The UFOnaut” is an electrifying blend of energy, rockin riffs, catchy powerful vocal melodies, and contagious grooves. Influenced by classic rock and NWOBHM, this album is for fans of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and more. If you’re into UFOs, interstellar demons, and exploring the hidden parts of your mind, this is the album for you!

    JUPITER CYCLOPS describes the album as: “The album has energy, rockin riffs, catchy powerful vocal melodies, and contagious grooves that you’ll want more of. Each song can hold its own. If you like UFOs, interstellar demons, and tapping into a part of your brain you didn’t know was there, this is for you.”

    Single - “UFOnaut”
    LISTEN -

    “Age Of The UFOnaut” is due out on July 19th, 2024, and available for pre-order at

    Track Listing:
    1. UFOnaut - 4:55
    2. Between Worlds - 5:26
    3. Sinful Ways - 5:10
    4. Doomed - 5:47
    5. Down From the Inside - 3:49
    6. Chemical Voodoo - 5:23
    7. Way Down Below - 5:58
    8. Lumerian Nights - 4:21
    Album Length: 40:49

    Dustin Lyon: Guitar
    Aaron Peltz: Vocals
    Jake Melius: Bass
    Kyle Eades: Drums

    More info: |

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  • Traumatomy’s “Consumed Into Nothing” Is A Gory, Relentless Slam Attack Off “Triumph of Enslavement” Out July 2024


    Brutal death metal enthusiasts rejoice! Traumatomy, the international band renowned for their slamming brutality, is set to release their latest single “Consumed Into Nothing” off their sixth upcoming EP “Triumph of Enslavement” out this coming July 2024 on Gore House Productions. This highly anticipated release promises to deliver a relentless auditory assault that fans have come to expect from the band. They comment on what to expect with the single:

    “We composed this track as the very first one for this album. It turned out to be quite fast and technical. We thought about the lyrics for a long time and decided that it should be abstract and brutal.”

    Traumatomy was formed in 2012 by Constantine Chevardin (Disfigurement Of Flesh) and Haruka Kamiyama (ex-Gorevent/Medic Vomiting Pus) as an online project with no plans for live performances. Their debut album “Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts” in 2013 garnered significant acclaim within the global brutal underground community. Between 2012 and 2018, the band released a second full-length album and three EPs. With the addition of a bassist and drummer in 2018, Traumatomy began touring, bringing their crushing sound to live audiences around the world, and will attract the attention of fans of Gorevent, Cerebral Incubation, and PeelingFlesh.

    Available as of July 5th, 2024 “Triumph of Enslavement” CD / Cassette pre-orders are available from Gore House Productions at

    All Digital Platforms (Bandcamp, Apple Music) -

    Track Listing:
    1. Ingress To Horridness (1:34)
    2. Triumph Of Enslavement (3:38)
    3. Consumed Into Nothing (3:15)
    4. Womb Of The Desecrated (3:11)
    5. Acknowledge The Inevitable End (3:38)

    EP Credits:
    All songs performed by Traumatomy
    All songs written by Constantine Chevardin
    Produced by Constantine Chevardin
    Mixed by Mychal Soto
    Mastered by Mychal Soto
    EP artwork by Jon Zig

    EP band line-up:
    Constantine – Guitars
    Ivan – Drums
    Bogdan – Bass
    Haruka – Vocals
    Kirill – Vocals

    Live band line-up:
    Constantine – Guitars
    Ivan – Drums
    Bogdan – Bass
    Kirill – Vocals

    More info: ​​ | |

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  • DECIMATE METALFEST (Millet, AB) - 2024 w/ Narcotic Wasteland, The Art of Deception, Tyrants Demise, Syryn, Aggression and more!

    Decimate Metalfest 2024 - Spotify Playlist -

    Decimate Metalfest is proud to announce its highly anticipated return for another electrifying weekend of heavy metal music, community camaraderie, and pure passion for the art form. Set to take place in Millet, Alberta (approx 40 kilometres south of Edmonton) at the Millet Agriplex Arena on June 7th and 8th, 2024, this year's edition promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for metalheads and music enthusiasts alike.

    Renowned for its diverse lineup, Decimate Metalfest showcases the best in extreme metal, featuring a mix of established icons, rising stars, and underground favorites. Headlining this year's festival are Narcotic Wasteland and The Art of Deception, bringing their signature sound and energy to the stage. Joining them are a lineup of talented bands spanning various subgenres, ensuring there's something for every metal fan to enjoy.

    But Decimate Metalfest is more than just a music festival – it's a vibrant community gathering where metalheads from all walks of life come together to celebrate their shared love for music. From the moment attendees arrive, they'll be immersed in an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement, connecting with fellow fans and forging new friendships that last long after the final chord rings out.

    "At Decimate Metalfest, we don't just see attendees – we see members of the metal family," "This festival is a homecoming for fans who find solace, support, and strength within the tight-knit community that defines the metal scene. Whether you're headbanging in the pit or sharing a beer with newfound friends, you're part of something bigger than yourself – you're part of the metal family." adds festival organizer Sloan Voxx.

    Beyond the music, Decimate Metalfest offers a plethora of activities and attractions designed to enhance the overall experience. Attendees can explore artist merchandise booths, indulge in delicious food and beverages from local vendors, and immerse themselves in the festival's vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, Decimate will be holding both Youth and Adult Air Guitar contests, and will be hosting their first, annual, Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning.. "Our breakfast spread will leave you prepared to conquer the day!"

    At the heart of Decimate Metalfest is a commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where all are united by their passion for music. Whether you're a seasoned metal veteran or a newcomer to the scene, you'll find a home among the diverse community of fans who come together to revel in the power of heavy metal.

    "We're thrilled to bring Decimate Metalfest back for another year of epic performances, unforgettable memories, and the unparalleled sense of camaraderie that defines our festival," added Sloan Voxx. "More than just a music event, Decimate Metalfest is a celebration of the metal community and the enduring spirit of music that unites us all."

    Highlights about the festival:
    Derived from the heart and soul of music
    All Ages / Family Friendly
    Air Guitar Contests
    Pancake Breakfast
    Payment Plans offered if needed.

    Date & Location:
    June 7&8, 2024
    Millet Agriplex Arena
    5400 45 Ave, Millet, AB T0C 1Z0

    Decimate Metalfest 2024 Lineup:
    Narcotic Wasteland - (North/South Carolina, USA)
    The Art of Deception - (Pine Grove, PA, USA)
    Aggression - (Vancouver, BC, CAN)
    Tyrants Demise - (Winnipeg, MB, CAN)
    VOLT - (Fort McMurray, AB, CAN)
    Vaegon - (Edmonton, AB, CAN)
    SYRYN - (Calgary, AB, CAN)
    MVLGRAVE - (Vancouver, BC, CAN)
    Kelevra - (Regina, SK, CAN)
    Umi Yokai - (Red Deer, AB, CAN)
    Tatara (Youth Band) - (Edmonton, AB, CAN)
    Under the Mountain - (Vancouver Island, BC, CAN)
    Dahlmers Realm - (Edmonton & Lloydminster & Area, AB, CAN)
    All Was Lost - (Edmonton, AB, CAN)
    BERSERKER - (Lethbridge, AB, CAN)
    Revolution Engine - (Edmonton, AB, CAN)
    Tymo - (Edmonton, AB, CAN)
    Fallen Stars - (Vancouver, BC, CAN)
    Necht (Cult of B'han) - (Calgary, AB, CAN)
    Detest The Throne - (Charlotte, NC, USA)
    The Astral Prophets - (Calgary, AB, CAN)
    Iron Tusk - (Siksika Nation, AB, CAN)
    Circle The Wolves - (Edmonton, AB, CAN)
    Rising Tempest (Youth Band) - (Calgary, AB, CAN)
    Boneyard - (Edmonton, AB, CAN)
    Passing Pluto (Youth Band) - (Calgary, AB, CAN)
    Bass Club Friends (DJs) (Calgary, AB, CAN)
    Craig Carswell (High River, AB, CAN)
    Drag Performances

    Our Mistress of Ceremonies is The Queen, Birthday Girl!
    DMF are in the midst of confirming other drag queens, but there will be 3-4 more

    There will be gameplay hosted by First Player (Magic The Gathering, Pokémon, Lorcana, etc.) Learn how to play, or bring your commander decks to obliterate your opponents!

    Ticket Links: (e-transfer, no fees!)
    We are also offering payment plans for those who may need a little extra help. Anyone interested in this option can email us at

    Pancake Breakfast will be served on Saturday morning.

    Volunteer and Vendor Registration:
    Positions available:
    Door Crew
    Merch Crew
    Security Crew
    Set Up/Tear Down Crew (Open to youth)
    Clean Up Crew (Open to youth)

    Sponsorship inquiries:
    Please email us directly at

    Camping Details:
    Grab your crew and enjoy a road trip and a weekend away - you deserve it!
    Camping can be reserved at:

    The event roster can be found here:

    Social Links can be found here:
    Instagram: @decimate_mf
    TikTok: @decimate.metalfest
    Most recent Tiktok videos:
    Decimate Metalfest (@decimate.metalfest) | TikTok
    Decimate Metalfest (@decimate.metalfest) | TikTok

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  • WACKEN METAL BATTLE CANADA Announces National Winner - BEGUILER - One Band To Rule Them All & Play Wacken Open Air

    One band to rule them all! Down to the final five bands from across the country, the national final for Wacken Metal Battle Canada was held this past Saturday, May 25th in Edmonton, AB at the Starlite Room with regional winners Arrow In The Quiver (Vancouver, BC), Infrastrvctvre (Calgary, AB), Age of Ashes (Edmonton, AB), Beguiler (Toronto, ON) and Red Raven Chaos (Montreal, QC) along with special guest headliners NECHT (Calgary, AB - 2023 National Finalist).

    The night was MC'd by Gord Alexander (Tessitura, Tides of Kharon) and judged by an industry panel that included JJ Tartaglia (Wacken Metal Battle Canada, Boonsdale Records, Skull Fist, Thunderor - Toronto, ON), Luc Lainé (CFLX 95,5 FM - Alerte Metallique - Sherbrooke, QC), Dan Cleary (Striker), Kim Aebly (The Invisible Orange, Vancouver, BC), Dana Zuk (Dana Zuk Photography - Edmonton, AB), Jon Asher (Asher Media Relations - Montreal, QC), Nancy Barnes (Big Nate Productions - Calgary, AB), Celestia Scarlett (Owner/Artist Manager - The Celestial Agency- Calgary, AB) and Steve DC (Strigampire - 2023 National WMBC Winner - Trois-Rivières, QC).

    After each band presented their furious rallying battle performance, the only one that stood out from the rest and is now crowned the 2024 champion is Toronto's Beguiler.

    "The level of the bands this year was very impressive, I am very glad that everyone killed it on stage and played for a full venue in Edmonton. And a massive congrats to Beguiler for being the chosen ones, I expect they will make quite an impression at Wacken," adds WMBC organizer JJ Tartaglia.

    As this year's crowned Canadian champion, Beguiler will now move on to perform as the only independent Canadian band at the International Battle at Wacken Open Air (July 31st – August 3rd), one of the world's most prestigious and largest metal festivals (Attendance of over 80,000 people in Wacken, Germany for over 30 years).​

    Beguiler will receive the following:
    - A slot at the 2024 Wacken Open Air Festival.
    - Full professional backline provided.
    - $1,000 CAD towards flights to Germany.
    - VIP camping at the festival.

    Beguiler joins the list of previous WMBC national winners Strigampire (Trois-Rivières, QC - 2023), The Slyde (Toronto, ON - 2019), Centuries of Decay (Toronto, ON - 2018), Profaner (Hamilton, ON - 2016), Vesperia (Toronto, ON - 2015), Mutank (Montreal, QC - 2014), Crimson Shadows (Toronto, ON - 2013).


    Since 2013, with a pause year in 2017 and 2020 due to COVID-19, Wacken Metal Battle Canada has hosted battles across the country to send one independent metal band to perform at the world’s largest metal festival Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany. 2019 saw the festival celebrate its 30th anniversary, but due to Covid, the 2020 and 2021 editions were both canceled. As the metal community regains its strength, Wacken Open Air 2024 will be the 33rd edition of the festival and will be held from July 31st – August 3rd. The 2024 event is already sold out with a line-up that includes Scorpions, Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian, In Extremo, Pain, Beast In Black, and many more. Details here.


    Wacken Metal Battle Canada is part of an international competition that sees bands from across the country battle each other for the chance to win their spot among 29 other countries’ champions, and represent Canada in an international battle of the bands at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival: Wacken Open Air. The battles have been hosted at the festival for over a decade giving independent bands the opportunity to showcase their talents to an international audience along with the chance to win multiple prizes.

    How it works:
    Participating cities will host qualifying rounds plus a city final organized by a local city concert promoter where one band will move forward to the Canadian national final (date and city to be determined). The winner of the national final will move on to perform at the Wacken Open Air 2024 and compete against the winners of 29 other countries in a final global battle. All bands will be judged during battle rounds by respected local music industry representatives.

    Rules for participation:


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  • Out Now! THE MISFIRES New Album "are Dead, long Live The Misfires" Is The Last of Their Legacy!

    The Misfires are a high-energy skate-punk band from Edmonton, Alberta, known for their dynamic stage shows that actively involve the audience. The band quickly gained a following and performed numerous high-profile shows, including opening acts for Face to Face and Authority Zero. Their debut album, "Songs about Stuff," is highly regarded in the punk community.

    Despite their success, the band disbanded in 2016 due to internal strife. However, before their breakup, they had completed tracks on a full-length album "are Dead, long Live The Misfires", which is now out on May 24th, 2024. The album serves as a final testament to their legacy.

    "I didn't want this to sit unfinished on a hard drive forever," says Barrett Klesko, the driving force behind The Misfires"Though the band didn't survive, we made an incredible album that is both a love letter to the skatepunk sound of the 90s and a step forward in modern punk. Our specific style of satirical social and political commentary continues to be loved by our fans. Throughout the years, we've received a steady stream of messages and fan mail urging our comeback. While I can't guarantee it, a reunion is never out of the question. After all, aging punks are still punks, and we definitely still have shit to say."

    The band consisted of notable Edmonton metal scene veterans: Barrett Klesko of All Else Fails, Degenerator, The Secret Places of the Earth, ex. The Order of Chaos (vocals), Seedy Mitchell Sleepwraith, ex. All Else Fails (guitar), Justin Cruse, King Theory, ex Naked Beauty (bass), Ryan Biggs Sleepwraith, ex. All Else Fails(drums), and Colton Taylor Violet Riot (guitar).

    The Misfires' music was characterized by a potent blend of scathing social and political commentary, sardonic self-analysis, and an explosive musical sound that paid homage to 90's skatepunk while injecting a fresh perspective into the Canadian punk scene. Their songs resonated with a generation disillusioned with the status quo, making them a band to remember in the punk rock landscape.

    The album "are Dead, long Live The Misfires" is available on the following platforms:

    Spotify Link:
    Apple Music:
    Youtube Music:

    Track Listing:
    1. Poultry in Motion
    2. She was only a Whiskey Maker
    3. Non-Prophet Organization
    4. Nightfall
    5. No More Words
    6. 21 Years Later
    7. High School Love Song
    8. Interlude
    9. Turning Lepers into Lemonade
    10. Crystal Methodist
    11. Us vs Them

    More info:

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