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  • ETERNAL DRAK Sets Historical Hauntings To Black Metal In New Album “Imprisoned Souls”


    Left, Andres Martinez “Drakar” (Vocal/Guitar) – Right, Francisco Avella “Xenx” (Drums)

    Photo Credit: Pamela Insuasty

    Québec City, Canada’s, Eternal Drak are releasing their fifth black metal album “Imprisoned Souls” this week and they are excited to see fans' reactions to this offering that describes a horror story between thrash, black, and death, and has a twisted concept surrounding the tribulations of trapped spirits and anecdotes from residents of an enchanted place. The band explains further:

    “The process of creating this album was an intense and liberating experience. We delve into the darkness and depth of our souls to give life to a set of songs that reflect our evolution as a band and unbridled passion for the genre. Every riff, every scream, and every note was carefully crafted to convey the raw energy and brutality that characterizes our style. In the studio, we felt like prisoners of our own emotions, but in the end, we managed to free our souls through music.”

    “Imprisoned Souls” is a ten-song horror journey into the darkest depths of extreme metal. Eternal Drak hopes this album catches listeners in a whirlwind of dizzying riffs, frenetic rhythms, and lyrics full of desperation and rebellion. They want everyone who dares to give this a spin to feel the power of thrash black metal in each song and become fully immersed in a state of trance and liberation.

    For Eternal Drak, each album has a different concept, and on this album, most of the lyrics are about experiences lived on an old farm located in Colombia where there was an improvised hospital during a great battle of the War of Independence. Other lyrics are interpretations of what they believe is behind these paranormal stories. Join in the eerie atmosphere that is highly recommended for fans of Watain, Kreator, and Motorhead.

    “Imprisoned Souls” is now available as of July 17th, 2024 at the following links:

    Band's Official Webstore -

    Bandcamp -

    Spotify -


    Track Listing:
    1. Soul Of Hate - 4:00
    2. Circle Of Black Flames - 4:20
    3. She Is A Magnet - 4:17
    4. Haunting Place - 4:43
    5. Oda A La Luna (Re Recorded) - 4:20
    6. Take No Prisoners - 5:49
    7. The Woman In Sandals - 4:04
    8. The Mist - 3:26
    9. Feasting The Anguish - 3:40
    10. Bound By Ambition - 4:10
    Album Length: 42:49

    More info: | |

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    Poster Design - Samuel Brown // Airline Bourbon

    From the furthest Eastern edge of Canada comes the second edition of Heavy NFLD Fest. Taking place over three days in three venues across two cities, Newfoundland and Labrador’s new heavy music festival will bring 30 bands to the stage. The lineup includes Nova Scotian artists Thousand Knives, Helsreach, and Fear and Filth, along with a legion of Newfoundland and Labrador's finest punk, metal, and alternative artists.

    Given its geography as the most easterly province in the country, Newfoundland and Labrador is not a frequent stop on most artists’ tours, even those from its closest Maritime neighbors. The festival aims to draw artists to the province while showcasing their own.

    “Heavy NFLD originally started as a YouTube channel intended to archive heavy music from Newfoundland and Labrador, and eventually morphed into a blog where I began covering news about the local music scene in the province,” explains founder Greg Ravengrave. “Growing up in Glovertown, where the population is 2,000 people, there was no music scene to speak of. It all felt very isolating. When I moved to the province’s capital of St. John's, I discovered the vibrant punk and metal scene here, but I always felt like the rest of Canada never really paid attention to us. It's been my dream since the start of this project to throw a festival that both celebrates local metal and punk from Newfoundland and Labrador and entices bands from elsewhere in the country to make the trek out here. Eight years down the road, and it's finally happening.”

    St. John’s based musician, audio engineer, and event producer Ben Chapman-Smith serves as the festival’s Programming Manager. Of his role as architect of the event, he says, “Organizing Heavy NFLD Fest into a recurring annual festival is not just about filling a clear gap in the market. This is about developing a way to celebrate Newfoundland and Labrador's bustling, but often underrepresented, heavy music scene. We are creating new infrastructure for our artists and strengthening our connections with the rest of Atlantic Canada and even the rest of Canada as the festival grows.”

    In its local programming, Heavy NFLD Fest boasts a broad offering of both established and new artists from across the province. The festival includes both all-ages and bar shows in Corner Brook on the west coast of Newfoundland and in the capital city of St. John’s on July 19-21, 2024.

    Heavy NFLD Fest passes can be bought in advance here - Daily entry tickets are available at the door.
    Corner Brook: $25 advance pass (entry to 2 shows on July 19) or $15 at the door per show
    St. John’s: $50 advance pass (entry to 3 shows on July 19, 20, 21) or $25 at the door per show
    Facebook Event -

    Heavy NFLD Fest 2024 Lineup:
    DAY 1: FRIDAY, JULY 19th, 2024 @ THE ROCK HOUSE (19+) [St. John’s]

    – Doors – 8:30

    Bog Rot

    The Tangerine Machine



    Sons of an Eastern Moon


    The Birchmen


    DAY 1: FRIDAY, JULY 19th, 2024 @ RETRO ARCADE (All Ages) [Corner Brook]

    – Doors – 5:00 PM

    October Wasp


    The Order of the Precious Blood

    Fear and Filth


    Thousand Knives


    DAY 1: FRIDAY, JULY 19th, 2024 @ RETRO ARCADE (19+) [Corner Brook]

    – Doors – 10:00 PM


    The Order of the Precious Blood


    Thousand Knives

    Fear and Filth


    DAY 2: SATURDAY, JULY 20th, 2024 @ THE ROCK HOUSE (19+) [St. John’s]

    – Doors – 8:30 PM


    Of the Black

    Smoke Signals

    The Order of the Precious Blood

    Fear and Filth

    Thousand Knives



    DAY 3: SUNDAY, JULY 21st, 2024 @ PAVLOV’S ELECTRIC VERANDAH (All Ages) [St. John’s]

    – Doors – 11:00 AM

    Nerve Shack

    Sweet Baby Angels

    Fog Lake



    October Wasp


    Little Fauna

    Liz Fagan Band


    Release the Hounds


    Fear and Filth


    Giant Giant

    Killer 9000

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  • Out Now! TRAUMATOMY’s “Triumph of Enslavement” Is Non-Stop Slam Carnage!

    Prepare for slam carnage as Traumatomy, the international brutal death metal juggernaut, drops their latest EP “Triumph of Enslavement” on July 5th, 2024 via Gore House Productions. Formed in 2012 by the sinister minds of Constantine Chevardin (Disfigurement Of Flesh) and Haruka Kamiyama (ex-Gorevent/Medic Vomiting Pus), Traumatomy has evolved from an online project into a touring force of slamming brutality. They share their excitement about the release:

    “We are very happy that the new EP “Triumph Of Enslavement” is being released, we have been working on it for 2 years. We believe that this EP will be loved by fans for a long time. Mychal Soto from PeelingFlesh brought a special sound to this album. The sound is raw but at the same time sharp and brutal. The album cover by Jon Zig captured our vision and atmosphere.”

    “Triumph of Enslavement” is a visceral journey through a relentless barrage of slams, blast beats, technical riffs, and a little bit of groove that will leave listeners battered and craving more. With a lineup that now includes an additional vocalist, bassist, and drummer since 2018, Traumatomy’s live performances have become legendary for their intensity and raw power.

    The band explains that their songwriting process is a labor of love and brutality. Each riff and drum part is meticulously crafted to ensure the maximum impact. With inspiration from Lovecraft and a healthy dose of beer, they’ve pushed themselves to deliver their most brutal and raw work to date. "Triumph of Enslavement” is out now and recommended for fans of Gorevent, Cerebral Incubation, and PeelingFlesh.

    All Digital Platforms (Bandcamp, Apple Music) -

    CD / Cassette available from Gore House Productions at

    Track Listing:
    1. Ingress To Horridness (1:34)
    2. Triumph Of Enslavement (3:38)
    3. Consumed Into Nothing (3:15)
    4. Womb Of The Desecrated (3:11)
    5. Acknowledge The Inevitable End (3:38)

    More info: ​​ | |

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  • Canadian Glam Metal GELATIN SKELATIN Have Some "Big Trouble" With New Album Out August 2024 + New Music Video "VHS"


    Canadian glam metal band GELATIN SKELATIN is pleased to announce the release of their new album “Big Trouble” this coming August 2024 via SRS/MVD Entertainment. The album contains nine tracks including the lead single / music video "VHS"a song that hearkens back to the summer of 89.

    "It makes the listener mentally revisit the days when going to the beach and requesting 80s hard rock on the radio was the way we spent our time. It was some of the best times of my life and I wanted to capture that feeling in song." says frontman/vocalist Brett Kelly.

    Also featured on the band's debut full-length are songs "Ship of Fools" and "Scream and Scream Again", written by Juno Award-winning singer Mike Trebilcock of Canadian band The Killjoys along with mastering by Harry Hess of Harem Scarem fame.

    Treating every show like an arena rock show, regardless of size, fans can always expect a lot of running around and lots of leather. The brainchild of Ottawa-based vocalist Brett Kelly. He is joined by guitarists Sebastien Thisdelle and Myles "Slam" Rourke (ex-Annihilator), bassist Billy Jessup and drummer Joel Agnew.

    "I had the idea to form an old-school glam metal band brimming for over a decade, and I finally decided to take the plunge around 5 years ago. This record is for the love of the retro glam experience. I want fans to remember the good old days when rock was fun and rock stars looked like rock stars. People who want that arena rock experience should get a kick out of us." adds Kelly.

    Recommended for fans of Kiss, Alice Cooper, Winger, and Warrant, Gelatin Skelatin's debut album “Big Trouble” is due out on August 9th, 2024 from SRS/MVD Entertainment and is available for pre-order at

    Spotify -

    Show Dates:
    Aug 10 - Ottawa, ON - Brass Monkey
    Sept 13 - Brockville, ON - Rocking the River Party Cruise
    Sept 14 - Pembroke, ON - Legends at Finnigans
    Nov 8 - Ottawa, ON - Brass Monkey (opening for Trixter)

    Track Listing:
    1. VHS
    2. 80s Ladies
    3. Bad Alphabet
    4. Ship of Fools
    5. If You See Kay
    6. Last Call for Love
    7. Scream and Scream Again
    8. If You Can't Do What's Right (Do What's Left)
    9. That's Rock n Roll

    Live Band Line Up:
    Brett Kelly - Vocals
    Slam - Guitar
    Joel Agnew - Drums
    Billy Jessup - Bass
    Sebastien Thisdelle - Lead Guitar

    More Info - |

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    Armstrong MetalFest 2024 Spotify playlist Here.

    Western Canada's largest mountain mosh pit Armstrong MetalFest announces that the new headliner for Friday night, July 12th will be Los Angeles death metal masters ABYSMAL DAWN to replace Decrepit Birth who unfortunately retracted from their performance due to a schedule conflict within the line-up. Also joining the AMF lineup, is local Okanagan hard rock / heavy metal band, Kelowna's Oldguard to replace Calgary's Kingsrot.

    This 14th annual gathering of metalheads, Armstrong MetalFest will once again witness a pilgrimage of extreme metal music fans for two days of unforgettable moshing, headbanging, and camping. From iconic headliners to promising newcomers, the 2024 lineup is set to showcase the best of diverse metal genres, ensuring an electrifying experience for all.

    This year's lineup held on July 12th and 13th at the Hassen Arena in Armstrong, BC will be headlined by Kansas City THE BROWNING who will be unleashing their unique eclectic blend of electronicore and deathcore. Also featured on this year's two-day festival, dissonant and atmospheric Vancouver tech death metallers ATRÆ BILIS, and Orlando's two-fisted two steppin' double-wide aural assault squad BODYBOX. Returning to the festival, is the Okanagan's very favourite Black Metallers XUL (Vernon, BC) and Edmonton death metallers EYE OF HORUS along with first-time performances from Vancouver twin brother duo OPAL IN SKY, San Francisco's outside-the-box prog metallers CYBORG OCTOPUS, and the tech death fury of Riverside, CA's ARKAIK among many more (full lineup listed below).

    Festival weekend passes are on sale now at the following link:

    (All tickets provide General Admission and grant access to the festival grounds, camping area, and arena from 9:00 AM on Friday, July 12, 2023, until 12:00 PM on Sunday, July 14, 2022. Free camping is included.)

    "It's one of the premier festivals of its kind in Canada, showcasing the biggest names in local, national, and international heavy metal music." - Vancouver Sun

    AMF 2024 Lineup:

    Abysmal Dawn (Los Angeles, CA)
    The Browning (Kansas City, MO)
    Xul (Vernon, BC)
    Opal In Sky (Vancouver, BC)
    Cyborg Octopus (San Francisco, CA)
    Eye Of Horus (Edmonton, AB)
    Atrae Billis (Vancouver, BC)
    Arkaik (Riverside, CA)
    Bobybox (Orlando, FL)
    Nott (Seattle, WA)
    Dessiderium (Phoenix, AZ)
    Odinfist (Armstrong, BC)
    Misyrion (Vancouver, BC)
    Death Machine (Kelowna, BC)
    Satanic Tea Company (Calgary, AB)
    Ravensun (Nanaimo, BC)
    Crown Of Madness (Vancouver, BC)
    Vaegon (Edmonton, AB)
    Lynx (Calgary, AB)
    Kelevra (Regina, SK)
    Oldguard (Kelowna, BC)
    Gregorious (Kamloops, BC)
    Dendros (Kamloops, BC)
    Thirteen Goats (Vancouver, Bc)
    Anomalist (Prince George, BC
    Burn It All (Kamloops, BC)
    Augur (Kamloops, BC)

    The 2023 edition of Armstrong MetalFest broke attendance records again with its eclectic earth-shaking lineup that featured 28 bands performing on the two-day festival that included headliners LA thrashers WARBRINGER, San Francisco tech-death giants FALLUJAH, festival alumni Spokane, WA's ENTERPRISE EARTH, and Los Angeles' THE ZENITH PASSAGE, along with Denver's H.P. Lovecraft extreme metallers VALE OF PNATH, and Edmonton's Juno award-winning heavy metal champions STRIKER.

    Since 2009 (minus pause years 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid pandemic), West Metal Entertainment and Armstrong Metalfest have not only fostered the talent of hundreds of local bands, but have imported well-known, international acts to the quiet, little Canadian town of Armstrong, British Columbia.

    Each year hundreds of metalheads from Canada and the USA descend into the picturesque Okanagan Valley and under the blistering sun, they spend three days camping, taking in as much metal over two days, participating in wrestling events, scavenger hunts, and catching up with their metal family.

    The festival has seen such renowned headliners as Kataklysm, Cattle Decapitation, Archspire, Nekrogoblikon, Origin, Rivers of Nihil, and Beyond Creation as well as emerging artists from across North America. At the end of the revelry, the festival disappears without a trace, leaving the landscape as pristine as it has always been.

    West Metal Entertainment is a non-profit society that not only puts on the Armstrong Metal Festival every year in Armstrong, B.C., it gives bands opportunities to play at different venues throughout the region including all-ages shows, to encourage musical passion in kids as well as adults.

    For more info:

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