• PIROSAINT Welcome Back Singer Billy Vanders

    To celebrate this addition, we have unearthed 4 tracks previously recorded in 2016 to showcase his talents. We this EP the band is looking forward to start performing live again pretty soon.


    Download for free (limited time) the EP 'Second Hand Blood" from here:



    'Second Hand Blood' contains 4 tracks that were recorded during the time that he was in the band. Around that time, Pirosaint went out and play live in many locations throughout Upstate NY supporting Death Angel, Marc Rizo, Static X, Alekhine's Gun and more. All the music was included on the album 'Know Thyself' released in 2021, but the lyrics were adapted by Billy Vanders to fit its intentions and capabilities when they were recorded back in 2016.


    All the music and all the vocals were recorded between 2015-2016. Music recorded by Ignacio Orellana at Oily Sound Studios in New Windsor, NY. Vocals recorded by Mike Usifer at Beacon Soundworks, in Beacon, NY.


    Second Hand Blood tracklist:

    1. Extreme Atrocity

    2. But Never Again

    3. They'd Rather

    4. Zero Time


    Pirosaint is:

    Billy Vanders - Vocals

    Bill Smith - Guitars

    Ron Buckner - Bass

    Ignacio Orellana - Drums


    Band photos by Rodrigo Fredes @phototerco


    For more information visit us on social media at @pirosaint

    or on our main website: www.pirosaint.com 

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  • JOETOWN Pays Homage to AC/DC Anthem and Brings Bagpipes Back to Rock’n’Roll


    Bagpipes & Rock’n’Roll. If not for the venerable Bon Scott & AC/DC these two things would have remained mutually exclusive. But, for Joetown, it served as inspiration for the style and sound of the band to which they are so proud. Joe gave some insight, “Kerry Gollarney (Guitarist and Bagpiper) is a secret weapon! When those pipes come out the crowd goes f’n mental, it’s like a war cry!”. The new single is a remade version of the Bon Scott era AC/DC classic "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" and is complete with video of the band rolling through the city streets in major civic events such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. “The video just happened to work out since we have been doing so many public events, I figured, let’s do it like the original AC/DC video they did through the streets of Melbourne. The song and the video are a way to honor how much the song and lyrics have been an inspiration – they are our musical heroes and I think we capture the spirit of what it is all about.”

    Watch the video for'It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) JOETOWN Version' , here below:

    Frontman Joe Delaney, (also the voice of popular hair rockers Bomber Alley), gives the signal of much more bagpipes in the mix and is excited that the next single is an original tune that features the pipes, “that sound is stuck in my head now and as a songwriter, I hear melody in that register every time, similar to having its a horn section or B3 player.”

    The band will be performing at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Hartford & New Haven Connecticut, USA, March 11th & 12th with a release party at their hometown haunt, Cherry Street Station in Wallingford on St Patrick’s Day, March 17th.

    “Good to see this band called Joetown, from another generation and continent, do a very authentic and respectful retake of the iconic AC/DC video that I was involved in 'Long Way To The Top'," says Michael Browning, AC/DC Manager (1974-1979).

    Chris Slade (Ex-AC/DC) is quoted as saying, ”Great Pipes!”


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  • 70000TONS OF METAL 'Ship and Destination for 2023 Announced'


    70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise has announced that their eleventh sailing will be hosted on board The Freedom of the Seas from Miami, Florida to Bimini, The Bahamas from January 30th to February 3rd, 2023. 

    True to their claim, The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise will include 60 bands over four stages. The festival boasts three indoor stages and most importantly, the outdoor Pool Deck Stage: The World's Biggest Open Air Stage Structure to sail the Open Seas featuring hot tubs incorporated into the stage itself. Fans can watch their favorite band perform on a world-class stage from the comfort of a hot tub. All shows are included in the ticket price.

    The Freedom of the Seas is one of the largest passenger vessels in the world and offers numerous amenities and unique bars including a casual Sports Bar & Arcade as well as a more sophisticated retro "R Bar" serving up classic cocktails. There is a vast selection of cuisine available across a number of restaurants on board, ranging from formal à la carte meals to casual international dishes, sushi, Italian fine dining and savory steakhouse classics.

    The luxury liner will sail to Bimini, The Bahamas: a chain of islands located in the north of The Bahamas, boasting picturesque white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and various attractions to indulge in: sport fishing, snorkeling & scuba diving, relaxing at the local bars and cafes, or getting pampered at a beach club.

    Lineup and ticket sale announcements are expected in the near future.


    About 70000TONS OF METAL

    70000TONS OF METAL is The Original, The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise, which features 60 Heavy Metal bands aboard a luxury cruise ship performing across four stages, including The World's Biggest Open Air Stage Structure to sail the Open Seas. 

    Sailing on board the Freedom of the Seas, guests will enjoy complimentary fine dining, bars and lounges that never close, 24 hour room service and a host of on board activities.

    With ten consecutive sellouts since the first voyage in 2011, this five-day, four-night Heavy Metal Music Festival and Caribbean vacation offers 3000 Metalheads the unique opportunity to mingle side-by-side with 60 world-class Heavy Metal bands. 

    Every band plays twice and all guests have unrestricted festival access to 120+ live performances, including the Jamming in International Waters All Star Jam, meet & greets with every band, intimate Artist Clinics & Workshops and exclusive premieres. All of this with no VIP areas on board makes it feel like everyone has a backstage pass. If that's not enough, festival goers even get a chance to explore a Caribbean dream destination with their favorite Artists.

    For more information on 70000TONS OF METAL 2023 visit: https://70000tons.com 

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  • SODOM to Release ‘40 Years At War - The Greatest Hell Of Sodom’, 40th Anniversary Album


    40 years of Sodom, 40 years of ruthless thrash metal ‘Made in Germany’. 

    What came into being in 1982 in Gelsenkirchen-Buer has lost nothing of its authenticity and rawness, not even four decades later. Tom Angelripper and his men still spearhead a music style that draws its energy from pure determination, intransigence and relentlessness. 

    What’s more, Sodom never fails to surprise their fans all over the world. ‘40 Years at War – The Greatest Hell of Sodom’, is a more than worthy anniversary album that – in various formats – sums up the band`s history in an unusual and highly ambitious way. “Our goal was to re-record one song from each of our previous albums,” Tom explains. “Not necessarily the most obvious ones, we wanted to go for rarities or tracks we`ve never or very rarely played live.” 

    The CD and vinyl double LP with their martial cover artwork penned by Eliran Kantor (Kreator, Testament, GWAR, among others) include 17 tracks, all newly recorded by the current Sodom line-up featuring Frank Blackfire (guitars), Yorck Segatz (guitars) and Toni Merkel (drums). Tom: “We cover the songs unaltered, that’s to say: in exactly the same key and with the original lyrics. We’re better musicians now than we were back then, of course, so the new versions sound tighter and more up-to-date but the arrangements of the songs were deliberately kept unchanged.”

    The band`s 40th anniversary festivities will be carried over into their concerts in the coming fall. “We’ll not only play the Sodom classics, but also consider fan requests. We`re launching a poll about songs we`ve rarely or never played live on a tour to find out which ones the fans want to hear.”

    That's exactly what Sodom is about: being close to their fans, full of ideas, burning for action while keeping their eyes on the goal ahead. Tom: “If you want to draw a summary of the past four decades, it can only be this: 40 years later, and we’re still here!”

    Pre-Order Link: https://sodom.lnk.to/40YearsAtWar 


    1. Sepulchral Voice   3:55

    2. After the Deluge   5:00

    3. Electrocution   3:20

    4. Baptism of Fire   4:00

    5. Better Off Dead   3:40

    6. Body Parts   3:05

    7. Jabba the Hut   2:30    

    8. Gathering of Minds   4:10

    9. That's What an Unknown Killer Diarized    4:30

    10. Book Burning   2:35

    11. Genocide   4:30

    12. City of God   4:30

    13. Ashes to Ashes   4:20

    14. In War and Pieces   4:10

    15. S.O.D.O.M.  3:35

    16. Caligula   4:15

    17. Euthanasia   4:00


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  • JOEYDIABOLIC to release 'Se7en' on July


    Solo artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist JoeyDiabolic has announced the release of his new EP, ‘Se7en’ arriving to all digital music platforms on July 7th, 2022.

    This offering includes four new originals “Welcome To The Upside Down”, “Dead Souls That Lost Their Way Home”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Disillusion” as well as remixes of ’Through Soundwaves’ era renditions “A Forest (LV-426 Distress Edit)”, “Save Yourself (Vogue Edit)” and “Nightmare (feat. Mama Doom)” remixed by Kai Rez of Visions of Empyrean.

    Included in this 27 minute release:

    01. Welcome To The Upside Down

    02. A Forest (LV-426 Distress Edit)

    03. Nightmare feat. MaMa Doom (VoE Remix)

    04. Dead Souls That Lost Their Way Home

    05. Save Yourself (Vogue Edit)

    06. From Dusk Till Dawn

    07. Disillusion

    When asked about the ‘Se7en’ release, Diabolic had this to say…

    “I had an idea, about a decade ago… for a concept EP based on the “Se7en’ film. Each song would have pertained to each theme of a deadly sin, though nothing beyond the initial concept developed, so it was shelved.

    After the ‘Through Soundwaves’ series and box set releases, I was thinking of ways to get a bit more mileage out of all that work and also release, I guess, transitional material that would set up my current and future audience for future releases… to get comfortable with musical avenues I would be exploring.

    Each song on ‘Se7en’ is inspired by films I really dig… some of which are in my all-time Top 5 favorites. The challenge overall was channeling the vibe and atmospheres of each film.”

    Films to Songs…

    Escape From NY’ // “Welcome To The Upside Down” 

    ‘Aliens (1986)’ // “A Forest (LV-426 Distress Edit)”

    ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’ // Nightmare feat. MaMa Doom (VoE Remix)

    ‘The Crow’ // “Dead Souls That Lost Their Way Home”

    ‘’The Matrix’’ // “Save Yourself (Vogue Edit)” & “From Dusk Till Dawn”

    ’Se7en’ // “Disillusion”

    For more info visit www.joeydiabolic.com 

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