MARCO CUSATO release ‘Untamed Souls’ via Sleaszy Rider Records


Marco Gabriel Cusato who is a well-known Chilean artist have released its newest effort called “Untamed Souls” via Sleaszy Rider Records. He is known for being the singer and main man of Chilean gothic rock band Somberwind and of The Fallacy.

The album was recorded entirely as a soloist album and it includes 11 tracks of modern Goth & Dark Rock/Metal. Retaining the classic gothic style from the 80`s and 90`s scene , but also adding elements from Modern Gothic rock/metal.

Marco Cusato have commented:

“The main difference between the works of my bands and my solo production revolves around all vocal arrangements are just for one lead singer ( male voice) , songs are darker and the lyrics are more deep,this take us back in time to a classic sound from the 90's”


I Silent Rite

Ii Legend

Iii Out

Iv Everlasting Ordeal

V Pain Of Salvation

Vi The Void In Your Soul Vii Burn The Witch Tonight Viii Stalker Doll

Ix The Dark Is Full

X A False Ritual

Xi Ghostly Visions 

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