Out Now! TRAUMATOMY’s “Triumph of Enslavement” Is Non-Stop Slam Carnage!

Prepare for slam carnage as Traumatomy, the international brutal death metal juggernaut, drops their latest EP “Triumph of Enslavement” on July 5th, 2024 via Gore House Productions. Formed in 2012 by the sinister minds of Constantine Chevardin (Disfigurement Of Flesh) and Haruka Kamiyama (ex-Gorevent/Medic Vomiting Pus), Traumatomy has evolved from an online project into a touring force of slamming brutality. They share their excitement about the release:

“We are very happy that the new EP “Triumph Of Enslavement” is being released, we have been working on it for 2 years. We believe that this EP will be loved by fans for a long time. Mychal Soto from PeelingFlesh brought a special sound to this album. The sound is raw but at the same time sharp and brutal. The album cover by Jon Zig captured our vision and atmosphere.”

“Triumph of Enslavement” is a visceral journey through a relentless barrage of slams, blast beats, technical riffs, and a little bit of groove that will leave listeners battered and craving more. With a lineup that now includes an additional vocalist, bassist, and drummer since 2018, Traumatomy’s live performances have become legendary for their intensity and raw power.

The band explains that their songwriting process is a labor of love and brutality. Each riff and drum part is meticulously crafted to ensure the maximum impact. With inspiration from Lovecraft and a healthy dose of beer, they’ve pushed themselves to deliver their most brutal and raw work to date. "Triumph of Enslavement” is out now and recommended for fans of Gorevent, Cerebral Incubation, and PeelingFlesh.

All Digital Platforms (Bandcamp, Apple Music) - https://orcd.co/triumph-of-enslavement

CD / Cassette available from Gore House Productions at https://store.gorehouseproductions.com/collections/traumatomy/

Track Listing:
1. Ingress To Horridness (1:34)
2. Triumph Of Enslavement (3:38)
3. Consumed Into Nothing (3:15)
4. Womb Of The Desecrated (3:11)
5. Acknowledge The Inevitable End (3:38)

More info: ​Gorehouseproductions.com​ | Facebook.com/traumatomy | Instagram.com/traumatomy.slam

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