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  • Halifax's TURBO Are Back With New Video “Down In Mexico” From Upcoming NWOTHM Album “Broke And Ugly” Out July 2024

    Turbo, Halifax, Canada’s unrelenting force of Nitro-Rock, is back and more ferocious than ever with the announcement of their highly anticipated second album “Broke and Ugly” set to be released on July 12, 2024. The album's first single and music video “Down In Mexico” delivers a taste of the raw energy and visceral sound that Turbo fans have come to crave. The band comments on the single:

    “Our bassist Henry wrote the main riff of this song, and it punched us in the gut so hard that we don’t deviate too far from it at any point through this song. It’s a real thresh, start to finish. We wrote it right before leaving for our tour through Mexico in the hopes that we could play the Mexican fans a ditty written JUST for them. Their response was unreal, show after show. We’re proud to have this one closing out the album with an absolute bang!”

    Turbo's journey is as gritty as their sound. The band members, Evan Frizzle (vocals/guitar), Sylvain Coderre (drums), Lindsey Dicks (guitar), and Henry MacDonald (bass)—formed with the mission to create something that grabs life by the cojones and gives it a good shake.

    “Broke and Ugly” takes Turbo's signature sound to the next level, refining the aggressive, eclectic style that fans first heard on their 2020 debut “Fast as Fvck”. This new album is faster, louder, and rawer, embodying the full-speed-ahead attitude that defines Turbo. It is recommended for fans of Wasp, Motorhead, and Kill Cheerleader.

    Spotify -

    Due out on July 12th, 2024, album pre-order for “Broke and Ugly” is available at

    Track Listing:
    1. Ruthless Forever
    2. Ignite the Night
    3. No Savior
    4. Scorpio Garbage Fire
    5. PissJugs and Rattlesnakes
    6. Nothing to Nowhere
    7. Broke & Ugly
    8. Down in Mexico
    Total Length: 29:12

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  • DERELICT Embrace Inclusivity With Single For “Spectrum” Off New Album “Versus Entropy” Out End of June 2024

    Montreal, Canada’s Derelict, the brutal melodic technical death metal band known for their intense musicality and thought-provoking themes, is back with their next single “Spectrum” off their upcoming album “Versus Entropy”. This track marks a significant stylistic departure for the band, blending their signature death metal sound with southern metal and blues influences. The band shares their thoughts on the track:

    “This is a call of allegiance to anyone who has been made to feel lesser than because of the expression of their identity, gender, sexuality, or personality in general. Nobody gets to tell you how to be, and we’ll stand for that. How you treat others is the determination of your worth.”

    The band continues to explain that Southern metal often has this tough guy vibe about it, and although they enjoy a lot of that stuff, that’s not the kind of feeling or message they have ever wanted to convey themselves as artists. So they came up with the idea of writing a song about the acceptance of alternative masculinities, essentially a celebration of the different kinds of men that exist and how it’s OK to just be who you are.

    The track showcases the collaborative songwriting approach of Eric Burnet and guitarist Max Lussier, who together created a song that merges southern swagger with Derelict's trademark brutality. It is recommended for fans of Allegeon, Decapitated, and Death.

    Listen to “Spectrum” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

    Due out on June 21st, 2024, the album “Versus Entropy” is available for pre-order -​​

    (Album Artwork by Cate Francis)

    Track Listing:
    1. Versus Entropy - (4:32)
    2. Infinite Dread - (4:23)
    3. Terminal - (4:02)
    4. Workhorse - (3:00)
    5. Attunement - (5:05)
    6. Dans les Dents - (2:23)
    7. Spectrum - (3:59)
    8. Derelict - (4:11)
    9. The Escapist - (4:15)
    Album Length 35:50

    More info: | | | Spotify

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  • Canada's SUPERMODEL TAXIDERMY Thrash/Punk/Hardcore EP “At What Cost” Is Available Now! + Alberta Show Dates

    With breakneck thrash fury comes Canada’s Supermodel Taxidermy and their second EP “At What Cost”, releasing today (May 31st) on physical CD to follow its digital release on April 26th via Punishment 18 Records. With a track record of turning heads and pushing boundaries, they promise to deliver an electrifying blend of intense riffs, powerful vocals, and unbridled energy that will leave listeners craving for more. The band comments on what to expect:

    “This album is going to exceed the expectations of our early listeners while also adding dynamics with new elements that we decided to enforce all over the record. Things such as Cheney’s crushing vocals. We do a lot of back-and-forth vocals on this record. This record was made to catch your ears with its intense guitar hooks, heavy drums, and catchy bass lines all while keeping your attention to the lyrical topics at hand.”

    Lyrically, the majority of this album looks at death; a lot of the writings question the cause and effect of vices and the wrong choices that can be made throughout our lives. Musically this album is fast and heavy as hell. Supermodel Taxidermy wanted to have it throwing left hooks repeatedly, there are not many moments on this record when it gives you a break.

    The band was formed after an overwhelming response to the EP “A Whorer Story”, which was intended to be a one-off solo record, and since then they have been staking a claim for themselves in the local scene. The album, ten tracks coming in at just under half an hour, was produced by Rob Lawless and mixed/mastered by Terry Paholek, showcasing the band's commitment to delivering an exciting listening experience. This thrash metal and hardcore punk collision is recommended for fans of Iron Reagan, Dayglo Abortions, and Slayer.

    Supermodel Taxidermy's new album “At What Cost” is available digitally and for CD at the following links:


    Skateboard -​​

    Upcoming Shows:
    June 7 - Fort McMurray, AB - Syncrude Atheteltic Park - Rock The Rails (Headlining + Album Release Party
    June 15 - Medicine Hat, AB - Alternative Waves Festival - Mainliners Pub - info
    Aug 4 - Lethbridge, AB - The Slice - info w/ Ripcordz

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  • Yellowknife's GNARWHAL Get Ready For A Stoner Sludge "War / Nothing More" With Latest Single Off Upcoming EP “Altered States” Out May 2024

    From the far reaches of the Canadian North in the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife's award-winning (Best New Single at the 2022 Music NWT Awards) Gnarwhal are bringing forth their doomy stoner sludge rock sound to the masses with their forthcoming EP "Altered States" due out on May 24th, 2024.

    Unveiling singles "Tides" and the EP's title tracks over the last few weeks, the quartet is getting ready with their latest peek at the release with "The War/Nothing More", which is actually two songs that the band wrote at completely different times and thought they would work well stitched together.

    Guitarist Benji Straker comments:

    "I wrote The War shortly after we finished recording our first album. At that same time, I was writing music for my Hughes project EP so lyrically and thematically it fit right in line with that. Once I finished it, I actually released it as an acoustic solo version on the EP, Here I Am. The Nothing More demo was written shortly after and musically it was inspired by my classic post-hardcore/punk influences. I think Refused would be the main driver of the rhythm on this track."

    Vocalist Mark Kilbride adds:

    "In Nothing More, I am fond of the lyric: “Shed your skin to make it”. This part relates to putting in the work day in and day out, wanting something so bad you are willing to do anything just to grasp it. Pushing your own boundaries, knowing you put the time and effort into your vision. “Whole again you can’t fake it”: Being authentic. To be whole this character has to believe in this process and be present in his delivery of the songs."

    The band's sophomore record, “Altered States” promises to deliver a diverse and introspective musical journey in which the band artfully navigates the realms of heavy alternative fuzz rock and progressive metal, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.

    "We hope our progression as a band and as songwriters appeals to our fans and listeners. The Altered States EP is a bit darker and maybe heavier than our first one. Conceptually and thematically, the songs on the EP fit together better as a package and we hope this is conducive to a front-to-back experience for listeners." says Srtaker.

    Recommended for fans of Kyuss, Mastodon, and Elder, “Altered States” is due out on May 24, 2024, and available for pre-order at

    Previous singles

    Track Listing:
    1. Tides (3:37)
    2. The War / Nothing More (6:36)
    3. From Her Hands (3:46)
    4. Altered States (3:19)

    More info: | |

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