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  • Finnish Thrashers MUTANT BLAST new single “Acid Rain”

    Mutant Blast, the force behind a unique metal thrashing death ‘n’ roll sound, is gearing up for their new album planned to be released September 2024 on Rockshots Records.

    The upcoming album promises a fresh blend of death’n’roll, thrash metal, and heavy metal, showcasing Mutant Blast’s evolution since its formation in August 2020. With influences ranging from classic metal to ‘90s extreme crunching, the band has crafted a distinctive and powerful sound that sets them apart in the metal scene.

    The second single, “Acid Rain” taken from the upcoming album called “Soulsteeler”, is a very catchy and forward-rolling song with great melodic riffs delivering a high-energy experience with nods to action, movie references, and current world events. Here resonates a strong image reminiscent of Annihilator’s old production.

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    Mutant Blast anticipates a positive reception from fans, expressing confidence in the album’s strong songwriting and memorable tracks. The band’s unique blend of genres, described as both fresh and unique, aims to captivate audiences with a powerful and steel-driven musical journey. Stay tuned for the new single called “Acid Rain” and the highly anticipated full-length album set to unleash in 2024.

    Be prepared for tones of death’n’roll, thrash metal, heavy metal, and a little bit of hard rock & death metal. Old-school metal is the thing!

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