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  • Get Lost In The Melody With DREAM HEAVY's “Song In The Dark” Off Upcoming EP + BC Festival Dates


    Coming from the frozen North is Canada’s Dream Heavy, a melodic and enchanting world folk metal group that weaves together ethereal vocals, rich harmonies, intricate guitar and violin melodies, and a diverse rhythm section that keeps audiences enraptured from start to finish. As the band is hitting the road for music festivals across British Columbia this summer (listed below), they are announcing their latest single “Song In The Dark”, which comes off their yet-to-be-titled upcoming EP. “Song in the Dark” is a melodic/progressive metal journey with a primitive tribal feel. The song is the story of our species’ evolution from our earliest awareness of the self and our awe at the universe around us to the brilliant, violent, destructive, and arrogant beings we have become. The band comments on the track:

    “Song in the Dark is the newest tune on the EP. This song was truly a band effort with both David and Liam contributing ideas to the arrangement of riffs and melodies. Our Producer/Engineer Jane Aurora at Arrival Sounds was also hugely instrumental in influencing the overall “tone” and feel of the song. With the addition of Mary Ancheta’s phenomenal synthesized strings soundscapes and wicked licks, the song truly came to life!”

    Dream Heavy comes from the ashes of beloved bands like Mamaguroove and Samson's Delilah and credits their unique sound to a plethora of influences from metal, Latin, Celtic, and other world music traditions. Their music, characterized by its intensity and thought-provoking lyrics, has captivated audiences across Canada and beyond, earning them a place on campus radio Top 10 lists.

    Reflecting on the band's long journey, they share that Dream Heavy's sound has evolved from each member’s collective passion for sound, movement, and justice. With this new EP, they aim to create a sonic and lyrical soundscape that demands to be heard in its entirety—a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. “Song In The Dark” is recommended for fans of boundary-pushing music in the veins of Porcupine Tree, Kalandra, and Rodrigo y Gabriela.

    Listen to “Song In The Dark” at the following links:

    Spotify -

    Show Dates:
    July 5-6 - Midsummers Music Festival - Smithers, BC
    July 12-13 - Arts on the Fly Festival - Horsefly, BC
    July 18 - Billy Barker Days - Quesnel, BC
    July 19-20 - Discovery Coast Music Festival - Bella Coola, BC
    July 26 -28 - Kispiox Valley Music Festival - Kispiox Valley, BC
    August 16-18 - Robson Valley Music Festival - Dunster, BC
    November 1-2 - Woodstove Music Festival - Cumberland, BC

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  • CULLED Hit Back With Politically Charged Grind Video “Halo of Flies” Off New EP “Psycles” Out July 2024


    L-R - Curtis Blair - Drums, Chris Chapman - Bass, Shane Hawco - Vocals, Ben Harbak - Guitar

    Photo Credit by Dana Zuk

    Culled, the politically-charged, sludge-encrusted grind band hailing from Edmonton, Canada, is proud to announce the release of their newest single “Halo of Flies”, which is the first look at their upcoming EP “Psycles” coming out on July 26th on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The record has been long-awaited since the release of their debut, 2018’s “Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn”. The band comments on the single:

    “We wanted to bring a direct intensity and ferocity for our lead single to show just how different this release will be from our debut. Directly addressing the harms and trauma caused by the patriarchy and our collective roles in it. It goes beyond the history of harm, and oppression of 50% of our society but also addresses the manipulation to propagate the myth that a majority of our society needs to be subservient to our masters who have been gifted privilege by simply being born in the right color, shape and righteous area of the world.”

    The lead track is another quick and intense battering. It showcases how formidable Culled is, in their present state with a lineup change including Chris Chapman on bass and Curtis Blair on drums. With a blend of slow crushing sludge and blistering speed and chaos of grindcore “Halo of Flies” delivers a powerful message urging empathy over apathy in today's unpredictable political and ethical climate. It is recommended for fans of Napalm Death, Nasum, and Pig Destroyer.

    Spotify -

    Due out on July 26th from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, “Psycles” is available for album pre-order (CD / Digital/ Bundles) at and (Cassettes/ Vinyl/ Digital)

    Track Listing:
    1. Trauma of History (7:22)
    2. Psycles (1:45)
    3. Coercion (3:14)
    4. Halo of Flies (1:54)
    5. Excision (Lost Cause) (6:40)
    EP Length: 20:57

    EP Band Line Up:
    Ben Harbak – Guitar
    Chris Chapman – Bass
    Curtis Blair – Drums
    Shane Hawco - Vocals

    More info: | Facebook |

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  • Experience The World of ISLE OF THE CROSS With "Immortal Kiss" Off Forthcoming Album "Faustus The Musical" Out July 2024


    Isle of the Cross, the US-based progressive metal powerhouse led by the multifaceted Je Schneider, will be releasing their eagerly awaited sophomore album, "Faustus The Musical". The album is slated to hit the airwaves and digital platforms worldwide in July 2024 via Rockshots Records.

    This groundbreaking album is a metal opera that draws inspiration from the epic 16th-century saga, 'Doctor Faustus' by Christopher Marlowe. Led by the visionary Je Schneider, the compositions weave an engaging narrative, accompanied by a powerful vocal delivery from a stellar cast. Daniël de Jongh takes on the role of the lead vocalist, guiding listeners through an exhilarating journey. From symphonic heights to brutal depths, the entire album is masterfully mixed and mastered by the renowned Joost van den Broek (Epica, Ayreon, Powerwolf). "Faustus The Musical" boasts an impressive lineup of talented contributors:

    Eric Gillette: Guitar
    Daniël de Jongh: Lead Vocalist (Faustus)
    Diane Lee: Vocals (Good Angel)
    Charles Elliott: Vocals (Lucifer)
    Matthieu Romarin: Vocals (Mephistopheles)
    Angela Di Vincenzo: Vocals (Helen)
    Amrit Sandhu: Vocals (Narrator)

    The captivating artwork, crafted by Theopisti Tiftikoglou, adds a visual dimension to the musical opus.

    Je Schneider expresses his excitement, stating, "Faustus The Musical is one I'm very excited about. The finished product came out well-polished and solid. It was an honor to feature the wonderful vocals of the cast and have Joost at the helm of the mix. This album is the best representation of Isle of the Cross."

    Today, the band is sharing with fans "Immortal Kiss", the second single off their forthcoming concept album 'Faustus The Musical'.

    The band adds:

    "Helen was known as the most beautiful woman to have lived and Faustus desires her as his paramour. Upon her arrival, Faustus asks her for an immortal kiss:

    ‘Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.

    Her lips suck forth my soul; see where it flies!

    Come, Helen, come, give me my soul again.

    Here will I dwell, for heaven be in these lips,

    And all is dross that is not Helen.’"

    Listen to "Immortal Kiss" at the following links:

    Digital -

    First single, 'Ghost At The Feast'

    Digital -

    Track Listing:
    1. Prologue
    2. Wittenberg, 1587 (Instrumental)
    3. Metaphysics of Magicians
    4. The Divine Apostate
    5. Blood Oath
    6. Immortal Kiss
    7. Coven of Wittenberg
    8. Hourglass
    9. Ghost at the Feast
    10. Dragons Astralis (Instrumental)
    11. Candlelight Contemplation
    12. Eleven’s Hour
    13. 12:00
    14. Epilogue

    More info:

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  • Montreal's WORLD ON ALERT Announces Progressive Debut S/T EP And Video For “Insecurities"

    Montreal, Canada’s World On Alert is thrilled to announce the release of their progressive and thrashy self-titled debut EP, alongside the premiere of the music video for their powerful new single “Insecurities”. This highly anticipated project features a unique blend of personal introspection and diverse musical influences, crafted by Gino LaPosta with the collaboration of several talented guest musicians. LaPosta comments on the single:

    “‘Insecurities’ was a track I had going on for a long time. I had almost every riff on this track written almost six years ago. I just never found any place to really put it. Musically, it has a darker tone. Also, progressive, with a thrashier ending. Lyrically, this is about my struggles with shyness which stopped me from completing many life experiences. But then breaking out of that shyness to finally be who I am.”

    The single dives deep into LaPosta's personal battles with introversion and self-assertion, themes also explored in “Alone With My Thoughts”. Justyn Vynn's evocative vocals and guitar work bring an added layer of intensity to the track. The accompanying music video visually captures the raw emotion and transformative journey detailed in the song.

    During the pandemic, when live performances were halted, Gino LaPosta took the opportunity to focus on creating music in his studio. This EP is a testament to his ability to draw from personal experiences and collaborate with a network of talented friends and family. This debut offering is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Rush, and Tool.

    Watch and listen to the music video for “Insecurities” below.

    Due out on June 28, 2024, World on Alert's self-titled EP is available for pre-order at

    Spotify -

    Track Listing: 
    1. Freedom In Disguise ft. Max Rex (CroMagnum), Nick Amalfi, Alex Walsh (6:10)
    2. Insecurities ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (6:00)
    3. They Came From the Pleiades ft. Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Alex Walsh (8:34)
    4. Alone With My Thoughts ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (4:32)
    5. The War Inside ft. John Vincelli (Void Within), Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Armen Apekian (Ashes Of Eden), Alex Walsh (5:38)
    EP Length: 30:54

    More info: | |

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  • Brazil's AURO CONTROL Unveils New Album "The Harp"

    Auro Control is a new Brazilian band dedicated to excellent Prog/Power Metal, today they released their debut album titled "The Harp". Led by vocalist Lucas de Ouro, the band comprises a talented lineup including bassist Thiago "Bonga" Baumgarten, guitarist Lucas Barnery, drummer Davi Britto, and guitarist Diego Pires. With their fast, precise, melodic, virtuous, and energetic sound, Auro Control delivers an amazing auditory experience that leaves a lasting impression.

    "The Harp" is an ambitious album, uniting the greatness of Power Metal with the depth of Prog Metal and the richness of percussion from Bahia-Brazil, resulting in a unique and surprising sound. The album, recorded at Estúdio Fusão in São Paulo and produced by Thiago Bianchi, will feature the participation of Bianchi himself (Noturnall, ex-Shaman), Aquiles Priester (W.A.S.P., ex-Angra), Felipe Andreoli (Angra), Bahian singer Aiace, and Metal icon Jeff Scott Soto. In its Japanese version, the album will feature the exclusive bonus track: Inside the Mirror.

    The album is full of songs showcasing their main influences and delivering energizing anthems with messages that encourage introspection and reflection. As the album unfolds, listeners are taken on a journey through the subjectivity of the human soul, with moments of power and complexity interspersed with Brazilian percussion and Northeastern rhythms.

    The lyrics draw inspiration from dark moments and overcoming difficulties, serving as reflections and invitations to find one's spotlight in life. Metaphors of battling loneliness and transformation resonate throughout, emphasizing the importance of willpower and courage.

    For fans of bands like Angra, Stratovarius, Helloween, Symphony X, and Dream Theater, "The Harp" offers a refreshing and mature debut album that combines technical prowess with beautiful melodies and melodic ideas. It's a compelling fusion of Power Metal classics and the rhythmic traditions of northeastern Brazil, marking Auro Control as a band to watch in the metal scene.



    ​​Auro Control is:
    Lucas de Ouro - Vocals
    Lucas Barnery - Guitars
    Diego Pires - Guitars
    Thiago Baumgarten - Bass
    Davi Britto - Drums

    For more info: | |

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