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  • Get Lost In The Melody With DREAM HEAVY's “Song In The Dark” Off Upcoming EP + BC Festival Dates


    Coming from the frozen North is Canada’s Dream Heavy, a melodic and enchanting world folk metal group that weaves together ethereal vocals, rich harmonies, intricate guitar and violin melodies, and a diverse rhythm section that keeps audiences enraptured from start to finish. As the band is hitting the road for music festivals across British Columbia this summer (listed below), they are announcing their latest single “Song In The Dark”, which comes off their yet-to-be-titled upcoming EP. “Song in the Dark” is a melodic/progressive metal journey with a primitive tribal feel. The song is the story of our species’ evolution from our earliest awareness of the self and our awe at the universe around us to the brilliant, violent, destructive, and arrogant beings we have become. The band comments on the track:

    “Song in the Dark is the newest tune on the EP. This song was truly a band effort with both David and Liam contributing ideas to the arrangement of riffs and melodies. Our Producer/Engineer Jane Aurora at Arrival Sounds was also hugely instrumental in influencing the overall “tone” and feel of the song. With the addition of Mary Ancheta’s phenomenal synthesized strings soundscapes and wicked licks, the song truly came to life!”

    Dream Heavy comes from the ashes of beloved bands like Mamaguroove and Samson's Delilah and credits their unique sound to a plethora of influences from metal, Latin, Celtic, and other world music traditions. Their music, characterized by its intensity and thought-provoking lyrics, has captivated audiences across Canada and beyond, earning them a place on campus radio Top 10 lists.

    Reflecting on the band's long journey, they share that Dream Heavy's sound has evolved from each member’s collective passion for sound, movement, and justice. With this new EP, they aim to create a sonic and lyrical soundscape that demands to be heard in its entirety—a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. “Song In The Dark” is recommended for fans of boundary-pushing music in the veins of Porcupine Tree, Kalandra, and Rodrigo y Gabriela.

    Listen to “Song In The Dark” at the following links:

    Spotify -

    Show Dates:
    July 5-6 - Midsummers Music Festival - Smithers, BC
    July 12-13 - Arts on the Fly Festival - Horsefly, BC
    July 18 - Billy Barker Days - Quesnel, BC
    July 19-20 - Discovery Coast Music Festival - Bella Coola, BC
    July 26 -28 - Kispiox Valley Music Festival - Kispiox Valley, BC
    August 16-18 - Robson Valley Music Festival - Dunster, BC
    November 1-2 - Woodstove Music Festival - Cumberland, BC

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  • Lÿnx Embody Rebellious And Belligerent Rock N’ Roll With Video For “Pull the Trigger”

    Calgary, Canada’s Lÿnx, is hot on the heels of the release of their latest album “Claws Out”, which came out in May, and now they present a lyric video for the single “Pull The Trigger”. Founded with a vision by guitarist Blade, the band has evolved its sound to encapsulate the spirit of true 80s Rock'n'roll. However, Lÿnx distinguishes itself by infusing the classic glam and hair metal influences with modern-day production and mastering finesse. They comment on the single:

    “This song is about the 1950s Anti Rock n Roll movement/propaganda where it was considered as the ‘Devil’s Music’ or was believed as the cause of the nation’s social ills and youthful rebellion. As a result, it was banned from many radio stations, schools, etc. Pull the Trigger is our way of telling them to F*ck off!”

    Working in a truly collaborative fashion, their writing process is a testament to their synergy, where individual riffs, titles, and lyrics come together to create a musical tapestry that reflects the band's shared passion. Lÿnx understands the importance of collaboration not only in the creative process but also as a means to connect with its audience on a deeper level. With a commitment to writing music for the people, not just themselves, Lÿnx invites fans into their world of sonic alchemy, where the fusion of ideas creates the unmistakable Lÿnx sound.

    “Claws Out” is a whole experience suitable for all occasions, if you want to tour downtown with your girl or your boys and crank up the tunes, it’s got that. If you want to sit back and chill, listen to some good time rock, it’s got that too. You’re having a party? Hell Yeah! That’s what Lÿnx is. Fans of Mr. Big, Poison and Skid Row shouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up.

    "Claws Out" was released on May 9th and is available via Bullzhorn Records at and all digital platforms at
    Flash- Drums/ Percussion

    For more info:

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  • Canada's THE APHELION Announce Prog Metal Opus Album “Nascence” And First Two Singles “Deserter” and “Flight”

    Hard-hitting progressive metal band, The Aphelion, from Ottawa, Canada proudly announces the release of their upcoming album “Nascence” coming out on August 9th, 2024, and have two music videos already out for the debut singles “Deserter” and “Flight”. The album is one half a pair, an enrapturing concept album that tells the story of a man’s descent into madness and his own mind in response to the mundanity and repetitiveness of the world around him. They dive into the singles:

    “‘Deserter’ was the obvious choice for a lead single; it’s a great cross-section of what the rest of the album has in store and a barnstormer of a tune from the first second to the last. The live reception to this song has always been big so we tried to capture that energy on the record. ‘Flight’ is by far the heaviest piece of music we’ve ever released, and one of our favourite live songs as well.”

    The album finale “Deserter” is a culmination of all of the sounds across this album, and features indulgent non-linear songwriting tied together with catchy choruses. The song pushes each member to their limit at one point or another across its runtime and features complex polymeters and incredibly fast passages. “Flight” is by far the heaviest song on the album, an homage to thrash metal and prog death giants such as Gojira. It moves at a near break-neck pace across its nearly seven-minute track time across blistering solos, thrashy riffs, and pummeling breakdowns.

    Since their formation in 2015, The Aphelion has built a reputation for their innovative sound, dramatic flair, and emotional depth. Their music is complex, with unexpected shifts in genre to create contrast and bring levity. The singles are available on YouTube and recommended for fans of Haken, Leprous, and Opeth.

    Spotify -

    ​Due out on August 9th, 2024, album pre-order for “Nascence” is available at

    Track Listing:
    1. Prenascent (2:38)
    2. Nascence (6:55)
    3. The Seed of Doubt (5:26)
    4. Fragility (5:49)
    5. The Heavy Mist (5:31)
    6. Flight (6:48)
    7. The Interloper (6:36)
    8. Deserter (7:45)
    Album Length (47:28)

    More info:

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  • Out Now! THE MISFIRES New Album "are Dead, long Live The Misfires" Is The Last of Their Legacy!

    The Misfires are a high-energy skate-punk band from Edmonton, Alberta, known for their dynamic stage shows that actively involve the audience. The band quickly gained a following and performed numerous high-profile shows, including opening acts for Face to Face and Authority Zero. Their debut album, "Songs about Stuff," is highly regarded in the punk community.

    Despite their success, the band disbanded in 2016 due to internal strife. However, before their breakup, they had completed tracks on a full-length album "are Dead, long Live The Misfires", which is now out on May 24th, 2024. The album serves as a final testament to their legacy.

    "I didn't want this to sit unfinished on a hard drive forever," says Barrett Klesko, the driving force behind The Misfires"Though the band didn't survive, we made an incredible album that is both a love letter to the skatepunk sound of the 90s and a step forward in modern punk. Our specific style of satirical social and political commentary continues to be loved by our fans. Throughout the years, we've received a steady stream of messages and fan mail urging our comeback. While I can't guarantee it, a reunion is never out of the question. After all, aging punks are still punks, and we definitely still have shit to say."

    The band consisted of notable Edmonton metal scene veterans: Barrett Klesko of All Else Fails, Degenerator, The Secret Places of the Earth, ex. The Order of Chaos (vocals), Seedy Mitchell Sleepwraith, ex. All Else Fails (guitar), Justin Cruse, King Theory, ex Naked Beauty (bass), Ryan Biggs Sleepwraith, ex. All Else Fails(drums), and Colton Taylor Violet Riot (guitar).

    The Misfires' music was characterized by a potent blend of scathing social and political commentary, sardonic self-analysis, and an explosive musical sound that paid homage to 90's skatepunk while injecting a fresh perspective into the Canadian punk scene. Their songs resonated with a generation disillusioned with the status quo, making them a band to remember in the punk rock landscape.

    The album "are Dead, long Live The Misfires" is available on the following platforms:

    Spotify Link:
    Apple Music:
    Youtube Music:

    Track Listing:
    1. Poultry in Motion
    2. She was only a Whiskey Maker
    3. Non-Prophet Organization
    4. Nightfall
    5. No More Words
    6. 21 Years Later
    7. High School Love Song
    8. Interlude
    9. Turning Lepers into Lemonade
    10. Crystal Methodist
    11. Us vs Them

    More info:

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  • Yellowknife's GNARWHAL Unveil Fuzzy New EP “Altered States” + Out On Vinyl!

    Since their inception in 2021, Canada’s Gnarwhal has been at the forefront of the heavy music resurgence in their northern home of Yellowknife. With their self-titled debut album released in early 2023, the band quickly garnered critical acclaim, earning nominations for the Western Canadian Music Award and the Best New Single award at the 2022 Music NWT Awards. They are following that album up with a new EP “Altered States” and ready for the ears of those who like fuzzy, doomy rock. Vocalist Mark Kilbride comments on the EP:

    “There seems to be a common thread to most of the lyrics on the album and I feel listeners will be able to relate their own experiences to the songs. I know what these songs mean to me and try to steer toward authentic emotions to accompany the instruments. The songs on the album portray a sense of resilience and a fight against the complexities of our own thoughts and emotions. No matter how much the characters in the songs endure, you can still feel a sense of hope and resilience.”

    “Altered States” represents a significant evolution in Gnarwhal's musical journey, offering a darker and heavier atmosphere compared to their debut release. From the haunting melodies of “Tides” to the introspective depth of “From Her Hands”, each track on the EP contributes to a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

    The creation of the EP was not without its challenges, as the band navigated the uncertainties of the pandemic and unforeseen obstacles during the recording process. Despite these hurdles, Gnarwhal remained steadfast in their commitment to delivering a powerful and authentic musical statement. “Altered States” was produced and mixed by Dan Ponich, mastered by David Collins, and the album artwork was done by Jonah Cutler. It is recommended for fans of Mastodon, Elder, and Truckfighters.

    Recommended for fans of Kyuss, Mastodon, and Elder, “Altered States” is due out on May 24, 2024, and is available for pre-order digitally and on vinyl at

    Track Listing:
    1. Tides (3:37)
    2. The War / Nothing More (6:36)
    3. From Her Hands (3:46)
    4. Altered States (3:19)

    More info: | |

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