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  • Get Lost In The Melody With DREAM HEAVY's “Song In The Dark” Off Upcoming EP + BC Festival Dates


    Coming from the frozen North is Canada’s Dream Heavy, a melodic and enchanting world folk metal group that weaves together ethereal vocals, rich harmonies, intricate guitar and violin melodies, and a diverse rhythm section that keeps audiences enraptured from start to finish. As the band is hitting the road for music festivals across British Columbia this summer (listed below), they are announcing their latest single “Song In The Dark”, which comes off their yet-to-be-titled upcoming EP. “Song in the Dark” is a melodic/progressive metal journey with a primitive tribal feel. The song is the story of our species’ evolution from our earliest awareness of the self and our awe at the universe around us to the brilliant, violent, destructive, and arrogant beings we have become. The band comments on the track:

    “Song in the Dark is the newest tune on the EP. This song was truly a band effort with both David and Liam contributing ideas to the arrangement of riffs and melodies. Our Producer/Engineer Jane Aurora at Arrival Sounds was also hugely instrumental in influencing the overall “tone” and feel of the song. With the addition of Mary Ancheta’s phenomenal synthesized strings soundscapes and wicked licks, the song truly came to life!”

    Dream Heavy comes from the ashes of beloved bands like Mamaguroove and Samson's Delilah and credits their unique sound to a plethora of influences from metal, Latin, Celtic, and other world music traditions. Their music, characterized by its intensity and thought-provoking lyrics, has captivated audiences across Canada and beyond, earning them a place on campus radio Top 10 lists.

    Reflecting on the band's long journey, they share that Dream Heavy's sound has evolved from each member’s collective passion for sound, movement, and justice. With this new EP, they aim to create a sonic and lyrical soundscape that demands to be heard in its entirety—a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. “Song In The Dark” is recommended for fans of boundary-pushing music in the veins of Porcupine Tree, Kalandra, and Rodrigo y Gabriela.

    Listen to “Song In The Dark” at the following links:

    Spotify -

    Show Dates:
    July 5-6 - Midsummers Music Festival - Smithers, BC
    July 12-13 - Arts on the Fly Festival - Horsefly, BC
    July 18 - Billy Barker Days - Quesnel, BC
    July 19-20 - Discovery Coast Music Festival - Bella Coola, BC
    July 26 -28 - Kispiox Valley Music Festival - Kispiox Valley, BC
    August 16-18 - Robson Valley Music Festival - Dunster, BC
    November 1-2 - Woodstove Music Festival - Cumberland, BC

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  • NARCOTIC WASTELAND Unshackles New Single "Barbarian" For The Masses For 2024 Summer Tour Dates w/ Malignancy, Whore of Bethlehem, Ignominious, Filth

    Kicking off their 2024 Summer tour dates on May 31st that are in honor of guitarist Dallas Toler Wade's 50th birthday and the 10th anniversary of Narcotic Wasteland's self-titled debut album, the trio is unshackling their latest single "Barbarian" for the masses. The song will be featured on the band's forthcoming third full-length "Digital Cordyceps" out on Megaforce Records in 2024 (release date TBD).

    Dallas Toler-Wade comments on the new track:

    "Barbarian is one of my favorite songs I have written so far. The guitar work is thrashy but also has a neo-classical element to it. I love the mid-tempo churning bass drums that is no secret at this point. Lyrically the song is about my personal feelings on how I want to live my life, but also an observation of what is going on in the world right now. I am sure I am not the only one who sees we are living in an oligarchic society. Meaning we are in a society where only a chosen few have most of the political power. This has always disgusted me. I never needed a political leader or organized religion to tell me how to act, what to read or listen to, and who to vote for. I think it is all complete self-serving bullshit and I refuse to have any part in it. I am barbaric. I follow no rules but my own. I refuse to participate in a society that is untrustworthy, narcissistic, and completely selfish. So I choose a more nomadic life as far away as possible from all of the madness. I am here to entertain. It is my calling. I hope you enjoy the song!!!!! Thanks to all of the fans for your continued support and inspiration!!! Let's rise above and take our freedom back!!!!!"

    Listen to "Barbarian" at the following links:

    Digital pre-save -

    (Artwork Credit - Stiky Graffix)

    And don't forget to brace yourself for a face-melting experience as Narcotic Wasteland announces a metal extravaganza like no other this summer! Their unholy crusade of show dates commences on May 31, 2024, in Crockett, CA, and continues its apocalyptic conquest through cities like Portland, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, Tampa, and more, culminating in a final siege on July 7, 2024, in Saginaw, MI.

    They are joined by special guests Whore of BethlehemIgnominious, Filth, and Malignancy (Headlining), who will conjure up nightmares with their savage performances.

    From blistering guitar wails to heart-pounding drum onslaughts, every show promises to be an infernal ritual that will leave metalheads possessed by the spirit of pure chaos.

    Tickets for this infernal gathering and exclusive artifacts can be claimed at the band's official summoning ground: or

    Prepare for a night of headbanging, mosh pits, and the unleashing of sonic hellfire.

    Tour Dates:
    5/31/2024: Crockett, CA - Toot's Tavern
    6/1/2024: Lakeport, CA - Drinx Bar
    6/2/2024: Yreka, CA - The Empire
    6/3/2024: Portland, OR - Bossanova Ballroom
    6/4/2024: Seattle, WA - El Corazon
    6/6/2024: Vancouver, BC - The Cobalt
    6/8/2024: Millet, Alberta, Canada - Decimate Metal Fest / Millet Agriplex
    6/9/2024: Great Falls, MT - The Newberry
    6/11/2024: Denver, CO - Herman's Hideaway
    6/12/2024: Lubbock, TX - Jake’s Backroom
    6/13/2024: Dallas, TX - Haltom Theater - With Special Guest Whore of Bethlehem
    6/14/2024: Austin, TX - Come & Take It Live - With Special Guest Whore of Bethlehem
    6/15/2024: Laredo, TX - The Cold Brew Rock Bar - With Special Guest Whore of Bethlehem
    6/16/2024: Corpus Christi, TX - Boozerz Rock Bar - With Special Guest Whore of Bethlehem
    6/17/2024: Houston, TX - Black Magic - With Special Guest Whore of Bethlehem
    6/18/2024: New Orleans, LA - The Goat - With Special Guest Whore of Bethlehem
    6/19/2024: Long Beach, MS - Trax Bar - With Special Guest Whore of Bethlehem
    6/20/2024: Pensacola, FL - Subculture
    6/21/2024: Tampa, FL - Brass Mug
    6/22/2024: Daytona Beach, FL - Tir na nOg Irish Pub
    6/23/2024: Pompano, FL - Pipers
    6/24/2024: Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits
    6/25/2024: Ridgeville, SC - The Ridgeville Roadhouse
    6/26/2024: Raleigh, NC - Chapel of Bones - With Special Guest Ignominious
    6/27/2024: York, PA - Skid Row Garage - With Special Guest Ignominious
    6/28/2024: Wallingford, CT - Cherry St. Station - With Special Guest Ignominious
    6/29/2024: Charleez Hill - Lebanon, ME - The New England Death Metal Fun Time Bonanza - With Malignancy (Headlining) and Ignominious (Special Guest)
    6/30/2024: Oakdale, NY - Shakers Pub with Malignancy - With Malignancy (Headlining)
    7/2/2024: Albany, NY - Empire Underground - With Filth (Headlining)
    7/3/2024: White Hall, PA - Planet Trog - With Filth (Headlining)
    7/4/2024: Rochester, NY - Montage Music Hall - With Filth (Headlining)
    7/5/2024: Lakewood, OH - Foundry Concert Club - With Filth (Headlining)
    7/6/2024: Chicago, IL - WC Social Club - With Filth (Headlining)
    7/7/2024: Saginaw, MI - The Vault - With Filth (Headlining)

    Note: All dates and venues are subject to change. Please visit for the latest updates.

    For more info:

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  • Finnish Thrashers MUTANT BLAST new single “Acid Rain”

    Mutant Blast, the force behind a unique metal thrashing death ‘n’ roll sound, is gearing up for their new album planned to be released September 2024 on Rockshots Records.

    The upcoming album promises a fresh blend of death’n’roll, thrash metal, and heavy metal, showcasing Mutant Blast’s evolution since its formation in August 2020. With influences ranging from classic metal to ‘90s extreme crunching, the band has crafted a distinctive and powerful sound that sets them apart in the metal scene.

    The second single, “Acid Rain” taken from the upcoming album called “Soulsteeler”, is a very catchy and forward-rolling song with great melodic riffs delivering a high-energy experience with nods to action, movie references, and current world events. Here resonates a strong image reminiscent of Annihilator’s old production.

    Digital -


    Mutant Blast anticipates a positive reception from fans, expressing confidence in the album’s strong songwriting and memorable tracks. The band’s unique blend of genres, described as both fresh and unique, aims to captivate audiences with a powerful and steel-driven musical journey. Stay tuned for the new single called “Acid Rain” and the highly anticipated full-length album set to unleash in 2024.

    Be prepared for tones of death’n’roll, thrash metal, heavy metal, and a little bit of hard rock & death metal. Old-school metal is the thing!

    For more info:


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