BATTLELORE - Elvenking

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We knew Markkus's talent as a video director and his enthusiasm, as we asked him to shoot the video for us, was so overwhelming that it was a pure pleasure to work with the professional like he is. The "Elvenking" video enters to Tolkien's Middle-earth from multiple angles combining noticeable characters and scenes from Tolkien' written poetry.

It is very rare to get an opportunity to write this kind of epic video, so I didn’t hesitate to say yes when Jyri messaged me if I would be interested in making it. Back in the days Battlelore’s “Storm of the Blades” was one of the first videos I directed so it was nice to unite again with the band.

Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Script: Markku Kirves
Light & grip (Band shoot): Italo Moncada, Lumi Manninen
Light & grip (Story shoot): Miko Koskinen
Make-up artist: Emma Räsänen
Production house: Pajula Productions

Wayfarer: Peetu Savolainen
Elvenking: Hannu Hakala

Film was shot at Aulangon Graniittilinnake (Hämeenlinna) & at Valofirma studios 2022.

Thanks to Finland's own Peter Jackson: Markku Kirves, cheers to our talented actors Peetu & Hannu and special thanks to Kirsi Vahtera / Routa Design for making amazing throne & torch for us and Hannu Oksanen & Katja Mykkänen for their effort to enhance the bands outlook. Also thanks to Italo Moncada, Lumi Manninen, Miko Koskinen, Hämeenlinnan kaupunki, Aulangon Graniittilinnake, Artistiasu, dentsu finland and Valofirma.

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