BOMBER - Zarathustra

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Bomber's "Zarathustra" Music Video is a fast and loose adaptation of the Nietzsche theme about losing your way and finding redemption.
It's a mystical elevation of the spirit, rising to the occasion and finding our destinies.
"Our inspiration was the Kenneth Anger 70's B-movie 'Lucifer Rising' featuring a soundtrack by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Being huge Zep fans we felt enamoured by the over-the-top symbolism and sheer weirdness of that film and we thought... Why not try our own take on this, have our main protagonist portrayed as a Rock'n'Roll Star on a downward spiral...
He eventually dies in the sea - and then through some dark magic is reincarnated as a god-like entity: Rock'n'Roll in human form. A bit like the Pharaoh in Kenneth Angers' original."
Zarathustra - The first music video from Bomber's debut album Nocturnal Creatures, available on Napalm Records.

Director: Thomas Romlöv
Editing: Love Andersson
Additional photography: Nan Embäck
Post-processing: Thomas Romlöv
Make up: Hanna Erlandsson & Nan Embäck
Costume: Amanda Siljebratt & Peter Holmgren
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