CRYPTOSIS - The Silent Call

Cryptosis – “The Silent Call” (Official Video)
Taken from the EP “The Silent Call”
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Cryptosis comment: “The Silent Call” is a thought-provoking glimpse into a world where the lines between reality and artificial control blur, leaving individuals feeling lost and insignificant in the midst of sprawling, concrete jungles we call cities. A hauntingly introspective track that casts a shadow over our human existence. It’s a sonic journey that invites you to contemplate the complexities of modern life and the eerie silence of the unseen forces shaping our world.

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Video Credits:
Film Production Company: F/53 -

Creative director - Frank te Riet
Camera - Jeroen Niesink
Edit - Frank te Riet
Color grading - Jeroen Niessink

Polaroid HQ
Enschede, The Netherlands

Robin van der Velden

Supporting cast:
Marijn Houvast
Demi Koelen
Luuk ter Denge
Marco Baumans
Hans van der Velden
Niels Wevers
Nils van der Mark

Audio Credits:
Recording - Olaf Skoreng
Mix & Master - Fredrik Folkare

Booking & Management:
Roman Hödl - District-19

“The Silent Call” - Lyrics:

Grand structures, scrape the cosmos
and shadows, dance with deceit
my presence is known, yet obscured
amidst the babel of voices

As concrete tendrils unfold,
My oppression grows and grows
on your fragile, naive soul

I am the eidolon
Master of all
I am the silent call
of the common mind

Your senses dulled by the
changing colors, glowing screens.
Mind aside, as you grind
A false, soulless existence,
a foul perplexing haze.
Is that what you call "human"?

Infiltrating from the sky

Escaping from nothing to find all

A paradox of recognition and concealment calls
Calls your name

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