Cursing Concrete - "Mutual Brutality" Live Video - 2020

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Cursing Concrete - "Mutual Brutality" Official Live Video - 2020

Artist City, State, Country: Anaheim, California, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Cursing Concrete is a punk band emanating from North Orange County, California.
The band is fronted by Money, with explosive, in-your-face, aggressive vocals, backed by Gary “Machine Gun” Thompson’s drums, and Chris Penalber on electric guitars, Gama Hernandez on electric bass, and introducing punk diva vocalist Marnee Bryant.

Director Name: Cursing Concrete
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Song Lyrics: "Mutual Brutality"

In this state in which I live
I have no more blood to give!
The police break into my home!
Why won’t they just leave me alone?
Is there something I can’t see?
I don’t expect nothing for free!
At best, this system is ludicrous!
And just look at the fine print
About the men who we elect
They have got us by the neck!
Mutual brutality! Sometimes, it’s what I need!
Mutual brutality! I feel better when I bleed!
Mutual brutality! I can’t simply forget what I’ve seen!
Mutual brutality! Saving me from insanity!
As I get up off the ground
I just wanna knock someone down!
So, I search for that punk rock sound
And I put my elbows out!
You’d better be a little tough my son
Or this pit won’t be much fun
Round and round and round we go
Always move against the flow!
Once I let my rage escape
Onto someone else’s face
I shake hands, it’s getting late
Wipe the blood and hit the gate!

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