JOHNNY THE BOY - Druh (visualizer)

Gloom Core band JOHNNY THE BOY are now sharing the new song 'Druh'. The track is taken from the album "You", which will be released on June 9th, 2023.

Born from a simple idea, and eventually coalescing over the last couple of years into a fully-formed entity, Johnny The Boy make music that hurts. Armed with a scabrous but sculpted blend of ice-cold black metal, excoriating sludge and sinewy, white-knuckle rock’n’roll, the trio’s musical identity has arrived, perfectly imperfect and ready to eviscerate. Formed around a creative core of vocalist Belinda Kordic, guitarist Justin Greaves (both members of Crippled Black Phoenix) and bassist Matt Crawford (CBP alumnus and live bassist), Johnny The Boy began life as an instinctive grab for something darker and nastier.

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Belinda - Vokillz
Justin Greaves - Guiterrorist & Drumbs
Matt Crawford - Bass Avalanche

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Badass of his time bravery undermined
Into the hands of the enemy
He placed himself he volunteered
Mission to note the ongoings inside
To boost his fellow comrades morales
Such horrors met his eyes
non one would believe these inhuman crimes


Walked amongst the living dead
As he bore witness gathered intel
Revealed horrors going on
In hope the day of help soon would come
Dust settled on messages received
Were the shocking monstrosities too hard to believe
History wrote itself
A different outcome
Had they acted on his cry for help


The call of duty above all
Unselfish bravery his down fall
Once again behind enemy lines
Another antagonist had come to light
All people his country men
Fate sealed as he returned to them
His mission he held high
Fight oppression rise up and fight


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