NANOWAR OF STEEL - Norwegian Reggaeton (feat. Charly Glamour & Gigatron)


Official Music Video of "Norwegian Reggaeton", a Metal-reggaeton song by Nanowar Of Steel featuring Charly Glamour (Gigatron https://www.youtube.com/user/GigatronOficial/).
Song produced by Nanowar Of Steel, video directed by Paolo Cellammare (The Best Blend).

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Produced by Nanowar of Steel

Executive Production: The Best Blend
Executive Producer: Paolo Cellammare
Director of Photography: Paolo Cellammare
Assistant Director: Valerio Fea
Editing: Claudio Manca
Make-up and Hair: Dilys White
Filmed at Open Bar Ostia, Roma http://www.altamarea-ostia.com

Mix and Recordings: Christian Ice (Temple Of Noise)
Mastering: Andrea "Bernie" De Bernardi (Eleven Mastering)
Guitar Recs and Reamping: Andrea Seveso
Reggaeton Arrangements: Maurizio Cardullo (Folkstone)
Backing Vocals Recording: Gianluca Amendolara Crono Studios

Video Actors & Extras:
Bella Figheira: AleRose Suicide - https://www.instagram.com/alerosebunny
Choreography: Valeria Loprieno
Dancers: Alessia Ganci, Susanna Maggio, Silvia Perazzoni, Francesca Pizzuti, Simona Scionti

Pentathong by Diktator Fashion Lab: https://www.etsy.com/it/market/diktator_fashion_lab
N by Le Creazioni di Mastro Falco: https://www.facebook.com/mastrofalco/
Subtitles (IT, ES, EN) by Gatto Panceri 666: https://www.youtube.com/user/GattoPanceri666

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Yeah, you drilled my heart and my blood is spilling, babe
Like oil from a platform in the North Sea
You fished me like a whaler in violation of international treaties, babe
Now I'm in an Oslo state of mind, honey
And you burned my soul like the Fantoft church in June 1992, babe
All I want to tell you is: Hvis lyset tar oss

Hypothermia, cuba libre, midnight sun
Sommer fiesta at Ragnarok beach
You wee dancing, like a polar killer whale
When your bloodthirsty eyes crossed with mine

Corazón vikingo de Santo Domingo
La iglesia quemada, la piña colada
Vamos a bailar con “Det som engang var”
Guerrero cubano, bailarín pagano
Tomando mojito en el sacrificio
Vamos a bailar con Hellhammer y Varg

Profanar la tumba, al ritmo de la rumba
Con Fenriz y Darkthrone - Norwegian Reggaeton!
Esta vida loca, a mirar la foca
Asando un salmón - Norwegian Reggaeton!

My Drakkar is ready won't you get on board
While I proudly sail in the depths of your fjord
When the storm is raging, and your booty is shaking
Hold my pole tight and you ain't get no aching

Your breakfast is ready, isn't it good?
It comes with my morning Norwegian wood
I'm swimming against the stream I don't care
I'm soon getting there where the salmons dare!

Nórdico latino, qué luciferino!
Mata al enemigo, pero despacito
Vamos a bailar en la Playa del Mal
Mueve tu cintura, con mi armadura
Satanás me sube la temperatura
Vamos a bailar en maligno ritual

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