PSYCHOSTICK - Ghostbuster! (Lyric Video)


There's one live song called 'The Sombrero Prophecy' where fans battle for the honor of wearing a sombrero. We've been trying to

put it on an album for YEARS. We kept saying, 'This album already has enough tracks, let's put it on the next one.' That happened 3

albums in a row. Enough is enough, it feel so good to finally have an album we have no excuse not to put it on." - The J, Guitar Ninja


"The album is definitely good and not bad." - Rawrb, vocalist


"FINALLY! The old tunes, the new tunes, and all the weird stuff in between are finally all together in one place to tickle your ear holes. More majestic miscellaneous metal than a million menacing magnetic mallards moshing in moccasins! I hope everyone enjoys this record as much as we do." - Matty Moose, bassist

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04/15 @ WC Social Club - Chicago, IL

04/29 @ BLVD - Kansas City, MO

04/30 @ Red Flag - St. Louis, MO

05/14 @ Lefty's - Des Moines, IA

05/15 @ Reverb Lounge - Omaha, NE

06/03 @ X-Ray Arcade - Milwaukee, WI

06/04 @ Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN

06/25 @ Too Many Games! - Philadelphia, PA

07/29 @ The Machine Shop - Flint, MI

07/30 @ The Eclectic Room = Angola, IN

08/19 @ High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI

09/09 @ The King of Clubs - Columbus, OH


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