TOXIK - Dis Morta (Lyric Video)

"Dis Morta" is featured on TOXIK's album "Dis Morta" - out now on Massacre Records - get it here »

Video created by Alcides Burn //

Song mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California, USA // •

+ + + LYRICS + + +

Chained and bound
Torn from the ground
Of my fathers before me who burned

At the stake on the cross
In the eyes of your god
For salvation you think I deserve

Displaced, disgraced
Transplanted to this hell
Made to toil, bloody trial
Reduced to human shells

Firmly in control
Indoctrinating hold
Obedience, subservience
Miserable existence

You come and you take
Our ways are forsaked
Our submission is never enough

You traded in skin
Crossing seas deep within
Bellies of ships drenched in blood

Humiliation, for generations
The institution, no solution

Endless suffering, unending offering
Promise of the next life
Suppressing any strife

Come let me show you
All the glory
In the service
Of our lord
Sinful and savage
Untamed and unmanaged
Bow down before me
Death is your reward

Dis Morta

Dis Morta

Dis Morta

Dis Morta

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