AMKEN - Somewhere Past The Burning Sun

"Somewhere Past The Burning Sun" is featured on AMKEN's album "Passive Aggression" - out now on Massacre Records - get it here »

Video produced by Harris Zampoukos

Starring: Dionisys Kokkotakis & AMKEN
Director: Haris Kountouris
Filming-Editing-VFX: Haris Kountouris / HK VISUAL CREATIONS //
Assistant Director: Panos Tzortzakis
Director of Photography: Panos Tzortzakis
Aerial Cinematography: Orfeas Kalafatis
Make-up Artist: Zdagka Despoina
On-Set Photography: Aggelos Karakoulias, Katerina Fassea
Catering: Anna Douska
Costume Designer : Magdalini Tsiklea
Props: Dimitris Mpatsaris

+ + + LYRICS + + +

Naked under the burning sun
Waiting for those that promised to come
Away from the fear of the weak
My soul seeks a way to fly free

Hungry to see, to hear, to feel
To live what this world has to give
To break the chains that bind me down
Rise get the dirt out of my mouth

We only got so much to live
We've got to make it count

Don't miss the forest for the trees
Don't let them grind you down

Life is too short to regret, pretend and lie
Lie to yourself
To live in fear of the unknown
Before you see the light, you'll see the darkness
Alone you'll face your fears
Your fears tonight

Don't trust the sirens, they lie
They're hidden deep, deep inside your mind
For dreams they'll say it's too late
Fuck them and do, do what your guts

Don't trust the sirens, they lie
(Don't trust the sirens)
They're hidden deep (they’re hidden deep)
Deep inside your mind
(Deep inside your mind)
For dreams they'll say it's too late
(They say it's too late)
Fuck them and do, do what your guts

When you know you're done pretending
Turn your head the other way (other way)
I'll be there before the ending
Fear not and take my hand

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