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  • DOYLE at The Brooklyn Monarch 4/07/22

    ‘I gotta say that it is always a pleasure to assist to Doyle’s shows, there you can find all different kind of fans from very young to old ones like myself. The music always gives you what you hoping to get from a live show and you get the chance to see a living legend surrounded by excellent musicians that kick ass every time. Plus he is one of the most awesome subjects to take pictures from during a live show.


    Hope they get another round closer to Manhattan soon’



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  • MIDNIGHT at Irving Plaza 3/27

    ‘For us they are still one of the most surprising acts that we have ever caught in action. Our second chance shooting Midnight in NYC and the were outstanding. 


    From rock and roll to thrash metal vibes and the good looks of medieval executioners,  Midnight brings the best of us even in cold night like that one.


    They need to get bigger and bigger and make for the three of their musicians a journey of metal music and fans. Hope they come back around soon.’


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  • MAYHEM at Irving Plaza 3/27

    ‘A cold night full of darkness visited NYC and it was brought you by Mayhem, one of the biggest when it comes to the black metal genre.


    A devilish mystery combined with raw speed that was in fact what we have experienced last night in NYC. Everyone that filled up the venue knew what to expect and they got exactly what they have paid for. 


    Continuing with its legacy the band keep pushing forward time and time again becoming more than mystic and a legend but a a true statement of its time. ’


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  • PRONG at Palladium Times Square 3/18/22

    Groovy Hard rock really closed to an old school mid tempo thrash metal vibe it was what we experience this past Friday night when veterans Prong came onto the Palladium stage.


    This was our second time shooting the band and the major difference was the lineup change on the drummer spot. The former went to a Lamb of god and the current came from a local band Sunlord. 


    Over all i thought they they were tight and always pushing together towards the heaviness of their music but they need more lights because we need to take better pictures of Tommy Victor jumping around. Read more

  • HED (PE) at The Gramercy Theatre 3/21/22

    ‘25+ years it took us to finally be in front of Hed PE, a band from Huntington, CA that plays  a mixture of Reggae and Hardcore + more. 


    It was awesome.


    The combination of styles makes a night full of groove and violence gives you the option to rest up if you are in the mosh pit. 


    If you are looking for new ways to enjoy metal music, you should definitely check this band out as they have a vast catalog available out there which is everywhere. 


    Hope to see them comeback around in another tour sometime soon because they were inspiriting.‘


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