Concert Photography

  • CVLTVS BLACK at Palladium Times Square 3/18/22

    “We caught this band opening the event for Prong and Overkill the other night at Palladium Times Square.


    It was kinda dark at all times so between the photo pit people and the strobe lights i couldn’t appreciate much their custom apparel that made a lot difficult to photograph them but i can tell a bit about their music which was great. 


    They were brought their sounds with a lot of influences of Slipknot and such bands but i could definitely hear more elements that made the music standout from above their influences.


    It was the first time in front of the band so i hope i have a new chance because now i will know where to point my camera. 

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  • DROWNING POOL at The Gramercy Theatre 3/21/22

    “ If you are still living on the 00’s nostalgia, you are still on time to catch up because seeing Drowning Pool live has become a time machine that will take you to that exact time. 


    The music, the choruses and harmonies, even if you don’t k ow their large amount of material you will end up experiencing your surrounding concert goers with all their bodies on the floor. 



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  • ILL NIÑO at The Gramercy Theatre 3/21/22

    “A mixture of metal music and latin sounds with an hyper active musicians on stage that is what you can expect when you have the chance to be in front of Ill Niño. A band that have been around for some time, touring the world already with some music on movies and recently with the addition of Marcos Leal on vocals and also the re join of Marc Rizzo. 


    Their energy combined plus all of the above makes them a unique blend in this vast spectrum called metal genre. Check out their newest releases as they are energetic and a little more like their beginnings”.


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  • OVERKILL at Palladium Times Square 3/18/22

    ‘The old school premium class of Metal from New Jersey, once again have gone through the capital of the world NYC with its trademark of sound of speed and aggression. The only thing missing from the show was to have more time to get to hear more of its timeless classics but other than that their performance was solid, straight to the point and diverse.

    In a personal note to the drummer it would be: to play the old songs slower (closer to their original tempo) because they sound like everyone is running but also i would have to say that: he didn’t miss a hit or accents and for that the rhythm section next to the evilest man (DD) in the room was during the whole show the perfect foundation for the current metal axes, Derek and Phil.

    Last but not least, glad to see Phil Demmel he has that touch and feel that never disappoints. He is a pro metal guitarist and he won’t do no wrong no matter he plays with.

    As always much fun and much love for these metal workers. Hope to see them again soon’.

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  • SEPULTURA at Irving Plaza 3/15/22

    “Solid and original, old and memorable. We grew up with them since 1987 with ‘Morbid Visions’  and no matter what they have put in their minds to push forward during the last 20 years of their journey, we have found that they have become a wall of sound more concentrated and more technical than ever before. We hope they can keep up for another 20 years more”. 


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