JUPITER CYCLOPS Unveils Visual Video For “UFOnaut” Off New Album “Age of the UFOnaut” Out July 2024

Formed by scene veteran Aaron Peltz (Downthesun, On a Pale Horse) and joined by guitarist Dustin Lyon (Opiate for the Masses), bassist Jake Melius (Big Wheel Stunt Show), and drummer Kyle Eades (Old Fashion Assassin), JUPITER CYCLOPS is ready to set the rock world on fire!

Their debut album “Age Of The UFOnaut” is an electrifying blend of energy, rockin riffs, catchy powerful vocal melodies, and contagious grooves. Influenced by classic rock and NWOBHM, this album is for fans of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and more. If you’re into UFOs, interstellar demons, and exploring the hidden parts of your mind, this is the album for you!

JUPITER CYCLOPS describes the album as: “The album has energy, rockin riffs, catchy powerful vocal melodies, and contagious grooves that you’ll want more of. Each song can hold its own. If you like UFOs, interstellar demons, and tapping into a part of your brain you didn’t know was there, this is for you.”

Single - “UFOnaut”
LISTEN - https://lnk.to/UFOnaut

“Age Of The UFOnaut” is due out on July 19th, 2024, and available for pre-order at https://bit.ly/JupiterCyclopsCD

Track Listing:
1. UFOnaut - 4:55
2. Between Worlds - 5:26
3. Sinful Ways - 5:10
4. Doomed - 5:47
5. Down From the Inside - 3:49
6. Chemical Voodoo - 5:23
7. Way Down Below - 5:58
8. Lumerian Nights - 4:21
Album Length: 40:49

Dustin Lyon: Guitar
Aaron Peltz: Vocals
Jake Melius: Bass
Kyle Eades: Drums

More info: https://www.rockshots.eu | https://www.facebook.com/JupiterCyclopsArizona

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