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  • Out Now! UK's DENDERA's New Album "Mask Of Lies"


    The UK's Dendera is proud to unleash their new album "Mask of Lies" from Rockshots Records. The band has been on a steady rise while playing sell-out shows and festivals across Europe and in their home country along with supporting bands such as Sepultura, Queensrÿche, Saxon, Death Angel, Gloryhammer, Skindred, Rhapsody of Fire, and many more.

    Expertly delivering modern melodic metal, Dendera's combination of towering clean vocals and powerful screams along with unfaltering musicianship, energetic performances, and stunning choruses has rightfully earned them a reputation as a formidable band. Their steadfast handcrafted approach means they operate almost entirely self-sufficiently. This gives the band the ultimate edge when trying to hone their sound meaning they can push the best from themselves and always deliver professional results.

    Following tough times after the COVID-19 pandemic and personal tragedy from within the band, Dendera has fought against the odds to record a stunning third full-length album. Co-produced by themselves and mixed by Alessio Garavello plus featuring a guest solo from Russ Parrish (aka. Satchel - Steel Panther), this album showcases Dendera's relentless vision to move forward, using the traumas of the past to write a powerful record that explores personal themes, grittier undertones that showcases their signature strong vocals and multi-layered songwriting approach.

    “This album has been far too long coming from us, and we cannot wait to get it out. We really want our fans to hear how much we have grown and give them a treat. The time we have taken to do this has all been to make sure we get it right, and we think the end product reflects that.” adds the band.

    Recommended for fans of Trivium, Parkway Drive, and Dream Theater, "Mask of Lies" is due out on June 14, 2024, and is available for album order at

    Spotify -​​

    Track Listing:
    1 - Face to Face
    2 - Mask of Lies
    3 - Scream in Silence
    4 - Fading
    5 - Guiding Light
    6 - The Fall
    7 - Drift Away
    8 - Inside My Head
    9 - Stare Into The End
    10 - Drag Me Below

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  • STONE HORNS Unleashes New Video "Grasping the Embers of Exile" Off New Album "Chimaira" Out Now!


    France's STONE HORNS unleashed their third studio album "Chimaira", this past January on Rockshots Records. Featuring seven groove-laden hell-bent tracks, the full-length tells the story of an odyssey of being rejected by all and thirsting for revenge. It explores life's thirst for recognition, whatever its form. Through its various acts, the story continues in different states, colors, and landscapes. A raw, merciless finality that leaves little room for breath in this torment of violence. We're all chasing a chimera, but isn't it the chimera that's chasing us? That's the question this album tries to answer, combining freshness and warmth, violence and peace, waves, and digressions.

    With their headbanging groove, this third studio offering "Chimaira" is a culmination of all the band's experiments to date. This is the band's most accomplished album to date, both in terms of composition and production. The band's long-time fans will be satisfied, but they also hope to bring in new fans with this record, with a slightly more modern production. Each track has its own universe on this full length, but it's also part of a whole, because like their previous albums, "Chimaira" is a concept album.

    "There's something for every metal taste and color. The aim of this album is for fans of every sub-genre of metal to be able to say to themselves at some point when listening to it: "I really like that beat". "Chimaira" is a bit like the child of "The Beast Inside" (2018) and "Rise of Apophis" (2021)". says the band.

    Today, the band is sharing their latest music video for "Grasping the Embers of Exile", the longest track on the album and in the entire Stone Horns' catalog. It is a brutal, hypnotic opening adventure that sets the tone for what's to come. Probably the most melodic and progressive track on the record, it's an ambitious composition reminiscent of some Machine Head pieces, punctuated by a magnificent solo.

    Recommended listening for fans of Machine Head, Devildriver, Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Jinjer, Stone Horns' third full-length is available from Rockshots Records on CD at and digitally at

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  • Experience The World of ISLE OF THE CROSS With "Immortal Kiss" Off Forthcoming Album "Faustus The Musical" Out July 2024


    Isle of the Cross, the US-based progressive metal powerhouse led by the multifaceted Je Schneider, will be releasing their eagerly awaited sophomore album, "Faustus The Musical". The album is slated to hit the airwaves and digital platforms worldwide in July 2024 via Rockshots Records.

    This groundbreaking album is a metal opera that draws inspiration from the epic 16th-century saga, 'Doctor Faustus' by Christopher Marlowe. Led by the visionary Je Schneider, the compositions weave an engaging narrative, accompanied by a powerful vocal delivery from a stellar cast. Daniël de Jongh takes on the role of the lead vocalist, guiding listeners through an exhilarating journey. From symphonic heights to brutal depths, the entire album is masterfully mixed and mastered by the renowned Joost van den Broek (Epica, Ayreon, Powerwolf). "Faustus The Musical" boasts an impressive lineup of talented contributors:

    Eric Gillette: Guitar
    Daniël de Jongh: Lead Vocalist (Faustus)
    Diane Lee: Vocals (Good Angel)
    Charles Elliott: Vocals (Lucifer)
    Matthieu Romarin: Vocals (Mephistopheles)
    Angela Di Vincenzo: Vocals (Helen)
    Amrit Sandhu: Vocals (Narrator)

    The captivating artwork, crafted by Theopisti Tiftikoglou, adds a visual dimension to the musical opus.

    Je Schneider expresses his excitement, stating, "Faustus The Musical is one I'm very excited about. The finished product came out well-polished and solid. It was an honor to feature the wonderful vocals of the cast and have Joost at the helm of the mix. This album is the best representation of Isle of the Cross."

    Today, the band is sharing with fans "Immortal Kiss", the second single off their forthcoming concept album 'Faustus The Musical'.

    The band adds:

    "Helen was known as the most beautiful woman to have lived and Faustus desires her as his paramour. Upon her arrival, Faustus asks her for an immortal kiss:

    ‘Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.

    Her lips suck forth my soul; see where it flies!

    Come, Helen, come, give me my soul again.

    Here will I dwell, for heaven be in these lips,

    And all is dross that is not Helen.’"

    Listen to "Immortal Kiss" at the following links:

    Digital -

    First single, 'Ghost At The Feast'

    Digital -

    Track Listing:
    1. Prologue
    2. Wittenberg, 1587 (Instrumental)
    3. Metaphysics of Magicians
    4. The Divine Apostate
    5. Blood Oath
    6. Immortal Kiss
    7. Coven of Wittenberg
    8. Hourglass
    9. Ghost at the Feast
    10. Dragons Astralis (Instrumental)
    11. Candlelight Contemplation
    12. Eleven’s Hour
    13. 12:00
    14. Epilogue

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  • Brazil's AURO CONTROL Unveils New Album "The Harp"

    Auro Control is a new Brazilian band dedicated to excellent Prog/Power Metal, today they released their debut album titled "The Harp". Led by vocalist Lucas de Ouro, the band comprises a talented lineup including bassist Thiago "Bonga" Baumgarten, guitarist Lucas Barnery, drummer Davi Britto, and guitarist Diego Pires. With their fast, precise, melodic, virtuous, and energetic sound, Auro Control delivers an amazing auditory experience that leaves a lasting impression.

    "The Harp" is an ambitious album, uniting the greatness of Power Metal with the depth of Prog Metal and the richness of percussion from Bahia-Brazil, resulting in a unique and surprising sound. The album, recorded at Estúdio Fusão in São Paulo and produced by Thiago Bianchi, will feature the participation of Bianchi himself (Noturnall, ex-Shaman), Aquiles Priester (W.A.S.P., ex-Angra), Felipe Andreoli (Angra), Bahian singer Aiace, and Metal icon Jeff Scott Soto. In its Japanese version, the album will feature the exclusive bonus track: Inside the Mirror.

    The album is full of songs showcasing their main influences and delivering energizing anthems with messages that encourage introspection and reflection. As the album unfolds, listeners are taken on a journey through the subjectivity of the human soul, with moments of power and complexity interspersed with Brazilian percussion and Northeastern rhythms.

    The lyrics draw inspiration from dark moments and overcoming difficulties, serving as reflections and invitations to find one's spotlight in life. Metaphors of battling loneliness and transformation resonate throughout, emphasizing the importance of willpower and courage.

    For fans of bands like Angra, Stratovarius, Helloween, Symphony X, and Dream Theater, "The Harp" offers a refreshing and mature debut album that combines technical prowess with beautiful melodies and melodic ideas. It's a compelling fusion of Power Metal classics and the rhythmic traditions of northeastern Brazil, marking Auro Control as a band to watch in the metal scene.



    ​​Auro Control is:
    Lucas de Ouro - Vocals
    Lucas Barnery - Guitars
    Diego Pires - Guitars
    Thiago Baumgarten - Bass
    Davi Britto - Drums

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  • Rockshots Records - VICOLO INFERNO Unleash Video "Suspended" Off Third Studio Album "Circles" Out Now!

    VICOLO INFERNO, one of the latest signings for Rockshots Records roster is proud to release their third studio album "Circles" today. Instinctive, energetic, melodic, dark, and intense, "Circles" is the quartet's most mature and experimental recording to date.

    "Circles" like its predecessor dances among various colors of the soul, from the most intimate and convoluted to the angry, to the amused and ironic. The track listing was chosen to guide the listener through a journey. The writing process for this record has been consolidated for years, although somewhat against the current.

    "We are "romantic supporters" of songwriting in the rehearsal room. We always start from a vocal line or a guitar riff, and if there is inspiration, the first version is laid down, which is then refined and shaped over time like a piece of wood by a sculptor." says the band. "It is said that the third album is canonically the one of awareness; it is certainly the one in which we put more care into arranging the songs, where we experimented with some stylistic figures never used by us before, both in music and in singing. For once, we would like to venture to say that we think it is our best album (although it is always difficult to say which child you love most) for ideas and execution, but as always, the hope is to reach the audience, which will be the judge in deciding whether our feelings hit the mark or not."

    The band describes this new single "Suspended" as a social critique stating that "The attention span of society for any content or experience is just a few seconds but our stories are too complex to be summarized in a few words." 

    Listen to "Suspended" at the following Link:

    Recommended for fans of Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, and Black Stone Cherry "Circles" is due out today and is available for digital platforms plus CD orders at the following links below:


    31.05 live @ Ziggy club (Torino) supporting Crying Steel e Vicious Rumors
    10.06 Album Release Party @ dolce vita (Imola)


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