MAX & IGGOR ‘Return Beneath Arise’ at The Gramercy Theatre 05/31/22

Nostalgia. I guess the first concert i‘ve been  lately where i knew all the songs. I mean all of them, did not happened since some decades before.


It sounded close to perfect, i mean we are all human beings and the other half of that machine wasn’t there so it’s replacements did a hell of a job. But since you knew the songs by heart.. you felt the differences.


I could say that i would want them back together but that is not the case, because they are on two different paths and that would be something i don’t thing will ever happen. Both parts have their own life now and that’s it. It was great to see them after all these years, it shows why they are so important for so many people.


We only had the chance to shoot during one song from the pit only and of course lighting wasn’t meant for us… it is what it is. I took some more from the back of the venue and capture some videos. Find them on our channel on youtube.



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