MERCYFUL FATE at King’s Theater 11/10/22

I am going to start by saying that i am not the great writer by any means but i had to say something about last night.

First of all i am very happy, for many reasons…  of course because i had the opportunity to experience Mercyful Fate mastery of metal music, the beautiful venue and the response of the crowd towards all the acts from the event.

But i guess what gets me the deep feeling is to be in front a band that came from far far away, from a place where there were not much things around at the time to follow to so they had to create their own way, the same way that has influenced generations after generations. 

Mercyful Fate and its intricate rhythms and its long songs plus the voice of an evil angel that keeps getting better and better just makes them as important as many of their contemporary bands and it needs to be recognized and put up front.

Hope you didn’t missed this show because it was once in a life time.


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