TESTAMENT at The Paramount 05/05/22

By now you must have some knowledge about the super band Testament. After all they have been pounding thrash metal for a long time.


If you do not know anything of their old stuff,   believe me when i say this, they have become a super group. 


Each time they go out they have gotten bigger, better and boldest. Its musicians are internationally known because of their influences and of course its own founding members are an staple of San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal. 


Testament is one of my favorite they are a little kore melodic than the rest and that makes them connect with a little broader set of people but the intensity and fast guitar riffing and drumming are there so be careful when you listen to them because you will be  wrapped up on a delicious poison formula. 


They are coming back to NYC once again and i’ll be there no doubts.



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