Baron Carta - "Altrincham" Official Music Video

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Baron Carta - "Altrincham" Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Baron Carta was formed by Jono Bacon to blend together his favorite styles of metal into one consistent package. From heavy, thrashy sections, to upbeat driving rock, and to gentle melodic sections, Baron Carta isn’t limited by any particular style, and aims to explore many areas musically.
The music is written and recorded by Jono Bacon and features legendary Primal Fear and Gamma Ray singer Ralf Scheepers, who brings his multi-octave talents and enormous power to the fold. Capping off the line-up is Morten Gade Sørensen from Pyramaze and Anubis Gate on drums.

Director Name: Jono Bacon
Director Website:
Producer Name: Jono Bacon, Jacob Hansen

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Song Lyrics: "Altrincham"

As the Suez wailed, and Nassar’s men prevailed,
Great Britain pushed into the pocket as the politician’s monarchy failed,
My pen means war, like never before,
These goddamn classless bastards whose reign we never support,
Some things have gotta change, a new era of a modern world prevails,
Aristocracy defined, dictators serve mankind, now it's time to pave a brand new way,
Let’s go!
In the shadows I watch you, silent and unknown,
No trinkets, no calling card, no ascension to the throne,
In a world of convention, a pariah in their way,
I’m not your enemy but the path to the peoples way,
I promise I see you,
And I feel the cage in your mind,
I never deceived you,
I just want to watch you thrive,
You’re always my queen, in service to me, and I’ll never walk away,
From shadows come light, my honesty fights, and the truth will see this day.

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