CALL OF CHARON - The Cleansing (Lyric Video)

"The Cleansing" is featured on CALL OF CHARON's "The Sound Of Sorrow" EP - out on 02/12/2022 via Massacre Records - get it here »

Featuring guest vocals by Jamie Hanks (I Declare War) and Jenni Gornicki (ex-Convictive)

Video produced by Cody Doyle •

+ + + LYRICS + + +

I'll make you repent (repent)
I'll make you clean (clean)

I'll make you regret (regret)
I'll make you bleed

I'll make you bleed

Close your eyes, one last time
Just lean back and let it pass
Keep it calm, I will care
Now await your cleansing

Eternal cleansing - is what you need
Eternal cleansing - will heal your wounds
Eternal cleansing - has to be done
Eternal cleansing - is the only way
Is the only way

Down of bended knees
With arms raised to the sky
You scream in vain
You scream in vain

And full of despair
You're begging for salvation
To save your soul
To save your soul

But I will send you
Along the painful path
Of redemption (of redemption)

Your time is up now
What's done is done
This is the end of the road

No more compassion
And no backtracking
Time to end your suffering

It's time to end your suffering
And sacrifice your flesh
To the lord

Can you feel (can you feel) my breath (my breath) in your neck (neck)
Can you feel (can you feel) the steel (the steel) on your skin (skin)
This is (this is) what you need (you need) the most (the most)
This is (this is) your (your) eternal (eternal) cleansing

Now (now) your (your) blood (blood) starts (starts) to (to) run

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