CRADLE OF FILTH - Necromantic Fantasies

Proclaimed to be the "angriest and saddest album Cradle have ever made" by Metal Hammer (UK) and "one - without the shadow of a doubt - of the best albums of the year" (A&P Reacts, CAN), the band's 13th chef d'oeuvre sees Suffolk's finest taking a more modern approach to their songs and facing current issues such as overpopulation and environmental pollution, while still keeping their unprecedented poetic view, supported by epic orchestral soundscapes, razor-sharp guitars and Dani Filth's unique screams.
"‘Existence Is Futile’ is the apocalyptic conclusion of three years of Cradle Of Filth's world touring and is definitely our most severe album to date, reveling in existential dread, the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of fate in a yawning cosmos and the meaninglessness of life also being the search for life’s meaning", Dani Filth comments "Heavy stuff indeed and as a wise man was allegedly recently heard to say ‘The inevitable heat-death of the universe and subsequent closure of time and space itself, could have no better soundtrack than this album’." 
Many limited vinyl colours and boxset editions are already sold out, so grab your copy of "Existence Is Futile" whilst the cracks of hell haven't sucked us all in yet :
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