DEAD UNITED - "Waltz of the Damned"

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Dead United - "Waltz of the Damned" Wolverine Records - A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist City, State, Country: Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany

Artist Bio:

Buzz Vendetta - Vocals
Dig Van Grave - Bass
Sir Charles D. Vote - Guitar
Mr. Stiff - Drums
Bone E. M. Knorz - Harpischord

Director Name: Dig Van Grave
Director Website:

About the Video: StopMotion video with skeleton jumping jacks in black light, mixed with real filmed stuff. Filmed with an 'AG-DVX100B' camera. Moonlight brings you in the right mood.

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Record Label: Wolverine Records
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Song Lyrics: "Waltz of the Damned"

There was a time I was hopeful (hopeful)
I tried to touch the sky (the sky),
But it was a lie I fell and cried (and cried)
And darkness filled my mind (my mind).
I tried to rise and reach out (reach out)
To catch the helping hand (the hand),
But I was led into hate oh so bad (so bad)
And I was left nearly dead (so dead).
I turn around to the eternal sound,
Pure and artless and clean
I tumble get hurt find myself in the dirt,
Dancing the Waltz of the Damned
All my desires just what I need ,
A pirouette so gracious at midnight,
The thorns of the black rose, making me bleed,
Dancing the Waltz of the Damned.
Then I met a beauty and I allowed myself to feel,
But the one I loved just left me to starve
and all that remained were the scars.
The lesson I learned killed the flames
And my heart became hard and cold,
An angel was raped by the blade of my wrath
And I danced on the darkest path.
Through blood and through mud I try to fulfill
A despaired and doomed arabesque
I'll never can wash the guilt of my hands,
Dancing the Waltz of the Damned.
I can´t reach the top and my life is a flop ,
I only hear them laughing,
The tragic romance and the dance never end,
Dancing the Waltz of the Damned.

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