DISSONA - Renaissance [GUITAR/BASS Playthrough]


Dissona's newest single "Renaissance" is out Friday, November 10th!

The second track from their stunning new EP, "Dreadfully Distinct" available
November 10th, 2023 via Earache Distribution. Set in the dystopian sci-fi world of Blade Runner, "Dreadfully Distinct" paints intense portraits of three key characters from the beloved films.

Pre-order/pre-save the new EP here: https://linktr.ee/dissona

Video directed, edited, & colored by Dissona
Cinematography by Darryl Miller


Do you trust me?

The waves have crashed into the wall
It’s time
To escape the storm that brought you
Not a moment for
Second guesses
The path is narrow
And I can’t promise we’ll survive

Dream, oh dream
What's it mean?
Huh? What's it mean?

With great plumes of flame
To light my way
We fly into the endless dark

“I don’t understand. Where will you go?”
“It doesn’t matter! Better that you don’t know anyways.
This thing is bigger than either of us and when it gets out,
The whole world is never gonna be the same…”

When they called me, I answered
And when I met him, I stood fast
And when the time came, I knew how
But through it all, I still can't shake this goddamn

(Fold into a)
Oh dream
(Most peculiar)
What's it mean?
Huh? What's it mean?
(Paper figure)

Oh, dream (Fold into a)
oh, dream (Most peculiar)
It’s killin’ me (Unfamiliar)
she’s killin’ me (Paper figure)
Oh, dream, (Fold into a)
oh, dream (Most peculiar)
It’s killin’ me (Unfamiliar)
she’s killin’ me (Paper figure)

Can’t you show me what’s real?
The lines are washing away
I just don’t understand
I’ve had enough, wake me up!

“All my memories,
Everything I thought I was, leading up to this point, is a lie.
Someone else’s life.
But what about you?
I’ve seen how you toss and turn at night.
So haunted by something.
Are you so sure of what you are?”

Take this fever
You great deceiver
And leave me here to go on
With the one who
Filled my aging heart wholly
Gave my existence a reason to be
Now here at the end of it all
Somehow we are to part ways
I curse this dream
I curse this dream
I curse this dream
And all it ever brought me


Music composed by Dissona

Dissona is:
David Dubenic - Vocals
Matt Motto - Guitars
Craig Hamburger - Bass
Drew Goddard - Drums

Vocal, bass, & guitar recording by Matt Motto
Drum recording by Drew Goddard
Drum production by Matt Motto
Layering/Orchestrations/SFX Design by Matt Motto
Female voice acting by Marguerite Mahoney
Produced by Dissona

Edited, mixed, & mastered by Matt Motto

Artwork by Karo Gasiorwoska
Album layout and design by Dissona

Management Contact - Mark Kloeppel - emg.markkloeppel@gmail.com

Find all socials/official website/music links at: https://linktr.ee/dissona

#dissona #progressivemetal #progmetal #prog #metal #scifi #bladerunner #cinematic

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