DISTANT - Paradigm Shift (LIVE VIDEO)

Taken from the Album "Heritage", out February 10th, 2023
Order now: https://DistantBand.lnk.to/HeritageID

Video by: DER PAKT, @derpakt
Produced: Nouri Yetgin / Howard Fang / Simone Pietroforte
Lyrics: Alan Grnja
Mix & Master: Simone Pietroforte

I spit on your grave

Hours went by
For Aeons I’ve been chasing you
Searching for the me
Your pathetic lies have broken me
The flesh wounds go deeper
With pain and antipathy
You’re just the messiah of leeches
Taking face of the human scum

You’re just a parasite
Leeching away the life out of your victims
Portray the end of your life
Death flies on tarnished wings

I carry myself to my own grave
My thirst for death is left unquenched
The pitiful part of you is relentless - obsolete
You die alone

Crawling from fractures
Seeking a shelter on a scorched lands of earth
The deranged pieces of shit
Trying to be with my own
A silent prayer as they see my face and running away

I keep the fire within lit with the broken hope
I hold my own torch and not afraid to burn it again

Burn them to ground


The ground that you still walk on is covered with ashes of your own

[this is paradigm shift]

There is no call to be answered
Only a pathetic cry for help
I hold the torch for the flame within me

[nothing, deranged, obsolete, deranged, parasite]

What the fuck
The tables have turned and you welcome the misery

#distant #deathcoremusic #centurymedia
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