DVNE - Abode of the Perfect Soul (audio)

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“‘Abode Of The Perfect Soul’ touches on another step in the transformation of the disciples and their crossing to their deities' realm, which leads them to both their death and their rebirth. It is probably one of the heavier tracks on the album, yet it is one of the most multifaceted songs we have ever written with many changes of scenes and vibes. We feel it crystallizes where DVNE is musically right now.” - Victor Vicart

Victor Vicart: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Allan Paterson: Guitar, Bass
Dudley Tait: Drums
Daniel Barter: Vocals
Maxime Keller: Keyboards, Vocals

Voidkind succeeds in finding new modes of expression for the five-piece. The songs are more pointed, direct, and memorable, yet the soundscapes retain the radiant, evolving, and hypnotic flow, the effect achieved with fewer layers of sonic ornamentation, consciously urging closer to DVNE’s incendiary live sound. And despite the addition of a full-time keyboardist, the band’s guitarist, vocalist and cofounder Victor Vicart has no doubt about the album’s defining feature, “We wanted very distinct left and right guitars, and punchier drums and bass, which would transcribe better live. And the synths needed to be clearer; it’s very easy to put five guitars on each side, loads of different vocals and keys, but then you end up watching a band with an album you really like, and the songs sound nothing like the record. That’s what we wanted to avoid. As soon as the song starts, we want people to immediately recognize the riff.”

Thematically, Voidkind carries on with the band’s overarching narrative which traces a religious group through the generation line from the beginning to its end while the record’s stunning artwork depicts the main motif of this chapter, namely, "a godlike entity seducing and luring followers through their dreams and these followers' multigenerational journey to reach their god dimension. We wanted to have these kinds of visuals and aesthetics on this album. Even without the vocals we wanted to evoke something, different places and spaces, and take the listener on a journey.”
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