Dweeb City - "SpaceVision (Terrificus Remix)" Official Music Video

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Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/spacevision-terrificus-remix-terrificus-remix-single/1583119281
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4mSohmqlyfXpwokbHhQw71

Dweeb City - "SpaceVision (Terrificus Remix)" Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Artist Bio: Terrificus and Dweeb City have joined forces in creating a neon, punk extravaganza remix project called Terrificus x Dweeb City. "SpaceVision (Terrificus Remix)" is the fourth and final song of their upcoming EP called 'Microwave Mix'.
The original song, "SpaceVision", was written for Dweeb City's entry into the Eurovision song contest of 1986. Unfortunately, things took a wrong turn and their time travel machines took them to the year of 2015 where they instead became entrants of the USYD Band Comp. Their performance took Earthlings by amazement and the judges declared them as winners of the competition.
Terrificus' remix of SpaceVision has transformed the original song into a whole new energizing, pumped up, dark, heavy electro song that has Earthlings drinking galactic blue soda and fighting space invaders.
Since its release on the 27th of August 2021, it has been received positively by Earthlings around the world and they are proud to share this with the viewers of BlankTV.
The release date for their new EP 'Mircowave Mix' is to be announced in September 2021.

Director Name: Dweeb City
Director Website: https://www.facebook.com/dweebcity/

About the Video: Filmed at Mothership Studios in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Edited by Dweeb City.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dweebcity/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dweebcity/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAyIh_HVlKBoK29mpWNW0YA
BandCamp: https://dweebcitywow.bandcamp.com
Other: https://linktr.ee/dweebcity

Song Lyrics: "SpaceVision (Terrificus Remix)"

Freaky sneaky little sound bass baby
With a fresh kinda hectic beat
Galactic blue drink to make you tipsy
A true synth beat to make it neat
Drop to the floor
Noo Noo, pour me some more
Official Pluto space goon
We’ll be space blastin over the moon
That’s what our name will be
Journey to the laser cave
Dare you if you are brave to face
Dweeb City
Cyberpunks go to hell
Biopunks go to hell
Xmas punks go to hell
Including you Space-funk punks go to hell
Give us digi-sword before we cut ya
A crystal car before we kill ya
Laser guns before we blast ya
This true we shot the space invader
That’s what our name will be
Journey to the laser cave
Dare you if you are brave to face
To face, to face
To face, to face

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