ENTHEOS - Absolute Zero

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Chaney Crabb : Vocals
Navene Koperweis : Guitar, Drums
Evan Brewer : Bass

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Director, Cinematography, Editor, Post-Production Effects : David Brodsky for My Good Eye: Music Visuals www.mgenyc.com
Producer, Cinematography, Editor : Allison Woest for My Good Eye: Music Visuals
Assistant Director, Production Manager, Grip/Electric : Robb Brown
Assistant Camera, Grip/Electric : Christopher Lee Herod
Hair and Make-Up Artist : Jillian Savage
Production Assistants :
Oliver Antone
Adam Panter

Written & Produced by : Navene Koperweis
Lyrics by : Chaney Crabb
Mixed and Mastered by : Mark Lewis at MRL studios
Mix Assistant : John Douglass
Drums recorded and edited by : Zack Ohren
Additional guitar engineering by : Mark Lewis

Sorrow and regret
Tormented mind swells
One with the darkness,
Pain like second skin.
Forged by the calling
Of a parallel life
Where every being is not born to die.

The voices in the distance,
They call out for me
Yes, they call me by name.
As the light drains from my eyes
And my memory dims
Following down the spiral
Still walking the earth
The ghost of every memory
That I have left behind

Like sand, it runs through my fingers
Colder than time
With death’s still gaze cast toward me
I am alive.

Now I am pulling myself back out of the grave
In the days I am living, this is not a life.
We weren’t meant to be saved
I will be the one you see when you die
Burning in your mind
Just like the flame
I may have been breathing
I was never alive
So, remember these words
I will be the one you see when you die.

Daylight returns slowly.

I’m losing sight of who I am
In this madness
The candle’s been burnt out
For what seems like forever
If there’s no end to life or death
In this nightmare
Do we live forever?

And with every last breath in my lungs -
There is still hope for us here
In the mouth of madness.
As the light drains from my eyes
And as my memory dims
Now I am alive.
In dreams of the ocean
Where space and time won’t matter.
In dreams of the daylight
I am alive.

In death’s gaze I am alive.

Watch every nightmare turn into a new reality.

Mother, will I breathe again?
Mother, is this life all I have?
And in the end, the end is this life.
Just a vision I will forget, Mother?

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