Official music video for "Bloodclock" by Italian symphonic metal giants @FleshgodApocalypse. The sixth album, Opera, out August 23, 2024 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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The sixth album titled Opera is a gut-wrenching musical journey inspired by the tragic mountain climbing accident that occurred to frontman and mastermind Francesco Paoli in 2021.

With this new record, the band are setting the bar even higher than before, pioneering what looks like a completely new sub-genre that might be called Opera Metal: an unprecedented mix of extreme music and theatrical elements.

“The best stories always come from pain, it's a bitter truth yet undeniable.” Francesco P. states. “We managed to turn one of the worst things in life into a work of art, that embodies our personal and artistic growth and takes the listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions, where they can experience what I've been through hand in hand with me. It's a waking nightmare but that's how life is sometimes, just scary.”

“In my visionary representation of this journey, that begins with my near death experience and culminates in a much desired physical and psychological rebirth, I wanted to frame every single step of my calvary, as if they were acts of an "Opera Lirica", with dialogues or even confessions to imaginary characters, who have been constant presences throughout my whole (mis)adventure.

This album tosses you in a vortex of discomfort and uncontrollable feelings, where you can experience pain, fear, desperation, anger, frustration, but also resolve, courage, hope and a profound desire for redemption. I strongly believe that this album is a solid manifest of resilience, and I hope that my story will inspire people who got “lost” for whatever reason.”

Francesco P. says of the new song:

"What do we see right before we die? Well, with ‘Bloodclock’ I bear my witness and reveal the personal visions I had while hanging on a rope, unconscious, a few hundred meters above the ground. It's insane how reality can be much more terrifying and soul crushing than imagination.

Soon after my discharge from the hospital, me and Francesco Ferrini started writing immediately, even if I was still bedridden and unable to play. The idea was to capture the mood of those dramatic days and make sure to keep intact the sense of desperation and fear that was still running through my veins after the accident. Later on, we worked with the others to develop those ideas and create the music that such a strong story deserves, music that takes your breath away and tosses you into a vortex of mixed feelings and discomfort.
I believe we nailed it 110%.

And the video is a spectacular representation of that disaster. I pushed Martina (McLean, video director) to the limit because I knew she could find a poetic, metaphorical yet extremely impactful way to match the fury of the song with awe-inspiring images. She did an amazing job and we're proud to state that this is the best music video we've ever had in our career."

“But this song is not only about death, it's also about life. ‘I’m not dead yet’ was some sort of mantra that became my battle-cry. The moment I woke up, I started my war to stay alive, that with time turned into a true and never-ending calvary as I'm still carrying the cross for what happened that day. But this is another story and its time is yet to come…”


Fleshgod Apocalypse

Francesco Paoli
Veronica Bordacchini
Francesco Ferrini
Fabio Bartoletti
Eugene Ryabchenko


Video by SANDA Movies
Directed and Edited by Martina L McLean
Production Director: Martina Ronca
DOP: Tommaso "Todd" Montagnoli
Steadicam Operator: Stefano Camaioni
1st AC: Giulio Belviso
Camera Op: Luca Orefice
Gaffer: Marco Chiarelli, Mattia Pisani
Makeup Artist: Valentina Parrino
Costumes: Flavia Tomassi, Lidia Lazzaro, Gelsi Costumi d’Arte
Special Effects: Battistelli SFX
Set and Logistics Manager: Emiliano Ferroni
Logistics: Gabriele Giaccari
Office Production: Silvio Cambedda - DM Communication
Production Assistants: Alessandro Cardi, Alessandro Salari, Leonardo Sapio
Harp Double: Benedetta Fiorentino
Title design - Ludovico Cioffi


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