FORETOKEN - Triumphs (Full ALbum)


FORETOKEN’s latest album sees the group expand upon their foundations of meticulously lofty soundscapes, mythological narratives, and elaborate musicianship. Taking musical inspiration from melodic and tech death metal, as well as power, folk and black metal, Foretoken’s core sound on Triumphs is bolstered by subtle and captivating use of traditionally Scandinavian, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern instruments for atmospheric depth within the album’s 51 minute runtime.

Utilizing traditional narratives of myths, legends, and folklore from a wide range of Western and Middle Eastern origins, Triumphs examines the ignored collateral damage of the cost of victory through these established mythos.

0:00 - Revenant of Valor
05:48 - Demon Queller
11:53 - The Wraith That Weeps
18:04 - The Labors
22:25 - Serpent King's Venom
27:55 - His Riastrad
33:51 - Devil O' The Sea
38:14 - A Tyrant Rises As Titans Fall
45:46 - I Am Vengeance (Naglfar cover)
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