HEART ATTACK - Septic Melody

HEART ATTACK – “Septic Melody” out TODAY!
Stream and download here: https://music.atomicfire-records.com/septic

Heart Attack is an unpredictable groovy blend of modern thrash metal and their first new song, "Septic Melody", marks Heart Attack's debut on their new label home Atomic Fire Records. The song tilts from unleashed thrash fury into soaring melodies and back again in no time. No wonder the French armada chose it as their first single.

Video directed by Benjamin Bachelard / Disclosure Productions

"We wrote the music for Septic Melody during the first lockdown, and we had a lot of rage and frustration to release," states the band. The song is about the inner struggle and despair humankind can face when confronted with life's trials or other happenings that crush the world around you. The masked characters are here to personify such misfortune and drive the principal character to madness in the music video. The video is filmed in the Roman Arena of Frejus (Southern France), built in the first century. "This arena has such a magical atmosphere with its native sound of the drums. Shooting the video there was so strong like playing live in front of a festival stage, it was incredible," muses the band about the making of the video.

Septic Melody

Let's hear this voice from your sufferance
Septic Melody
As life itself holding on its breath
Born from shell of broken fate
born from shell of broken fate

Rising from the dust

Listen to the winds of change blowing out infected memories
Drowning in a vicarious sense of dread
Over the edge, viral descent.

Rising from the dust
Rising from the dust
Rising from the dust
Rising from the dust

Corruption is now revealed, accept to see your soul's ravings
Failure to escape your impending fate, rage flushing out the realm.

Shattered remains power usurped
Shaking the cage.

Music & lyrics: Kevin Geyer, Chris Cesari, Christophe Icard, William Ribeiro

Produced by Heart Attack Productions
Recorded and mixed by Sebastien Camhi at Artmusic Studio, France
Mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio

Artwork by Chromatorium Music

BAND are:
Kevin Geyer – Rhytm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Christophe Icard - Drums
Chris Cesari - Lead Guitar, Keyboards
William Ribeiro - Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals


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