HETEROCHROME - Time's Up (Lyric Video)


Official lyrics video for the song "Time's Up" from the Iranian Metal band Heterochrome. This song is the fourth single track from our upcoming album "From The Ashes"


Why does it feel so good?
Why does it feel like floating in your eyes?
Why does it hurt so bad?
Why does it hurt like nothing ever lasts?
I took my heart and left it to die
I wont be able to even try
To hide from myself
Fight through the night
I won’t hide from myself
I will stay in the dark
Until my time is up

How does it feel so sound?
How does it feel like we’ve been lost and found?
How does it hurt my heart?
How does it come to our goodbye each time?
I took my soul and bared it for love
I watched it burn and twist under your touch
I can’t run from the scars
Fly through the light
I will run through my days
Set the flames to my heart
Until my time is up

Music by Heterochrome
Electric Bass by Ville Veihola
Cello by Lisa Yihwan Lim (BigViolinPlayer)
Audio Engineering by Amir Taghavi, Reza Sadeghi
Production and Mixing by Arash Rezaei
Mastering by Danny Klaven
Artwork by Banafshe Najafi
Graphic Designing by Ghazal Jenab


All rights reserved by Heterochrome 2022

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