HIDEOUS DIVINITY - Deleuzean Centuries (Bass Playthrough)

Stefano Franceschini comments: "'Deleuzean Centuries' is the perfect trait d'union track between "Adveniens" and "Simulacrum" -- straightforward, indirectly quoting some rhythmic shapes that were fairly typical in our previous album, especially the very first section of the song; I would refer to it as the intro riff, before the second, main riff kicks in. Bass-wise I particularly like the arpeggio section (the 3/4 + 6/4 triplet one) which repeats 4 times, and the slap chops I do toward the end of the song. It's probably one of my top 3 tracks from our last album, and a perfect opener for a show.

As far as my gear is concerned, I'm playing my signature Valenti Bass (more info about the instrument here: https://www.valentiguitars.com/portfolio/antares5corpio/), and I use a series of pedals linked this way: Mooer "Radar" cab simulator; Darkglass B7K Ultra V2; Darkglass Alpha Omicron; EBS Multicomp compressor; Boss NS-2."

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