HIDEOUS DIVINITY - Mysterium Tremendum

Taken from the single “Mysterium Tremendum: https://hideousdivinity.lnk.to/MysteriumTremendumID

Hideous Divinity is:
Enrico Schettino - Guitars
Enrico "H." Di Lorenzo - Vocals
Giulio Galati - Drums
Stefano Franceschini - Bass

Follow Hideous Divinity:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2EP8DsQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hideousdivinity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hideousdivinity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hideousdivinity

Video Produced by Eclypso Studio
Directed by Dema Novakova
Cinematography by Roberto Gigliotti
Editing by Mattia Del Giudice

Mixed and Mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio

Band management by Tito Vespasiani at Death Over Rome tito.dta@gmail.com

US merchandise available at https://www.indiemerchstore.com/
EU merch available at https://www.impericon.com and https://everlastingspew.com/

The Devils European Aufmarsch 2023 EU Tour
w/ Belphegor, Kampfar, Hideous Divinity
+ Devils Rage (select dates only), Leach (select dates only)
Mar. 9, 2023 - Copenhagen (DK) - Stengade *
Mar. 10, 2023 - Cottbus (DE) - Gladhouse *
Mar. 11, 2023 - Zliv (CZ) - KD Rocktime *
Mar. 12, 2023 - Uhserke Hradiste (CZ) - Club Mir *
Mar. 13, 2023 - Bratislava (SK) - Fuga - no Belphegor *
Mar. 14, 2023 - Salzburg (AT) - Rockhouse *
Mar. 15, 2023 - Berlin (DE) - Orwo Haus *
Mar. 16, 2023 - Weinheim (DE) - Cafe Central *
Mar. 17, 2023 - Bamberg (DE) - Noisebringer Fest *
Mar. 18, 2023 - Oberhausen (DE) - Resonanzwerk *
Mar. 19, 2023 - Erfurt (DE) - From Hell *
Mar. 21, 2023 - Warsaw (PL) - Proxima **
Mar. 22, 2023 - Vilnius (LT) - Vakaris **
Mar. 23, 2023 - Tallin (ET) - Club Tapper **
Mar. 24, 2023 - Helsinki (FI) - On The Rocks **
Mar. 25, 2023 - Turku (FI) - Utopia **
Mar. 26, 2023 - Tampere (FI) - Olympia **
Mar. 27, 2023 - Oulu (FI) - Kantakrouvi **
*=w/ Devils Rage
**=w/ Leach

“Mysterium Tremendum” Lyrics:

Wake! Burn! Rise!
The power it holds
It’s been so long
Since the touch of Wrath

The Flame, my dream,
It burns my skin
Why can't I stop smiling?
Awareness of shadow and light
Disgrace, knowledge
Obscene domain
Vanity in pain
Behold what’s not for us!

Wake! Arise! Burn!
Leave my body behind
Wake, Burn, rise

How could you tear us apart and scatter our mortal love?
You crave it just to destroy and profane

Who has sewn my mouth?
Who made the quasi-sentient?
Play the dead instrument
Bestiary of impossible, sing to me!
I am the elegy sung
In horrified silence
By a dead world

Ecstatic rapture, now I see
Ecstatic rapture, I feed!
How could you tear us apart and scatter our mortal love?
You crave it just to destroy and profane
I am the Agent
The Elegy sung by the unborn
Ligature reached
For the World beneath

Leave my body behind,
Wake! Burn! the unextinct rises,
The unextinct feasts!

Mysterium Tremendum - Mysterium!
Eye of the Hunter, while I burn, I’m one with the flame!
Mysterium Tremendum - Mysterium!

The cross that I served is no more!
The rotten tooth bit on dirty flesh
Spreading disease and plague.
The agony sprouted in the footprints
Of incubi and succubae
Who wander this world!

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