Hunting Giants is a four-piece heavy rock band from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This unique group of musicians offers a spectacular visuals-driven live performance that exceeds both the precise ferocity of their recordings, and the highest expectations of an energized audience looking for something recognizably different. Their music is both refreshing and familiar, serving well as the musical backdrop for one's ongoing discovery of meaning in life and self.

Hunting Giants was started in 2017 with Bradley Trivett assembling the first musical themes and combining the percussive expertise of Daniel Beavington with the explosive rhythmic prowess of Corey J. Wharton into the foundation of a team set to discover and dominate the most enormous sounds and daunting massive ideas they could find. Led by the visionary passion and styling of frontman Stephen Atkey, Hunting Giants is poised to deliver to the highest expectations of an energized listening audience looking for something recognizably awesome.


Tearing through the taurids, tracked by trail,
Shedding sheets of sulfur, scab and scale.

The scar beyond imagination,
Passed down through tribal memories,
The Morning Star cast from the heavens,
Apocalypse has been released.

Oh yes please . . .

Our seers watch with anxious eye,
The burning herald in the sky.

And from the beat of the skin,
the rhythm ushers in conscious transparency.
With sacred smoke in my lungs,
I'm guided by the drum, awaken clarity.
A tantric pull on my soul,
from above I see below the coming calamity.

Seraph of stone cascade upon us,
Corrupt the earth with tongue ablaze,
A massive rising of the ocean,
Sinking our island to the grave.

And with the words of the dead resounding in my head,
I grasp the shaper’s tools.
Recording all I’ve been shown, This visage of unknown,
Upon the temple walls.
That when the lunar light, eclipse the heart of fire,

The Devil shall Return.

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