IIOTUNN - Safe Across the Endless Night (DRUM PERFORMANCE)

Iotunn's Bjørn Wind Andersen performs the epic closing track from the "Access All Worlds" album, "Safe Across the Endless Night."
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Drums mixed by Bjørn Wind Andersen

"Access All Worlds." Seven songs driven by creative curiosity and artistic honesty. Seven songs that initiate feelings and reflections. "Access All Worlds" is an epic; a cosmic and contemplative journey of energetic beauty and ferocity that reflects on human existence set in a storyline following daring space travelers. The music is grounded in roaring, colorful drumming and crushing bass, while the sonic horizon is painted with a vast spectrum of guitar-driven expression, all overarched by narration through diverse vocals. "We wanted to make an epic, strong and atmospheric yet rocking record both musically and lyrically. Jón came with the idea based on space travelers trying to find answers to the apocalypse which reflects many of the impressions, feelings and thoughts human life holds that originates from something vast, mysterious, chaotic and breathtakingly spectacular. Everything just went berserk regarding the album theme. Is everything occurring in the lyrics just a dream? Is the album an allegory for any individual's chapters in life? Where does the album actually start and end? Stuff like that. We find that the album can be interpreted in various ways. For us, the album is a truly exciting journey and we hope it will be for the listener as well on his or her own terms", says guitarist Jens Nicolai.

Jón Aldará: Vocals
Jens Nicolai Gräs: Guitar
Jesper Gräs: Guitar
Eskil Rask: Bass
Bjørn Wind Andersen: Drums

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