IRONMASTER - Bringer Of Deception (Lyric Video)


Swedish supergroup Ironmaster
Featuring current and ex-members of Dark Funeral, Scar Symmetry, Raubtier, Carnal Forge, and Facebreaker are ready to unleash their Sophmore album Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage in 2023

Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage' is the follow-up to the band's critically acclaimed debut album Ancient Fire' (released February 11th, 2022) This strong follow-up album is a natural continuation of the path taken on that debut album.
This time there is even more death, more black, and more thrash, the performance level from all the band members has risen a notch compared to the previous album.

More powerful and faster than ever at times but the flow of the album has been the focal point of the whole writing and recording process.
Everything has been done with the album format in mind so that the experience when you listen thru the album from front to back will be a good and memorable one.

Edvin Skårud has written all the lyrics (except for one song)on this album, his dark and masterful lyrics deal with death, cruelty and the dark side of life, and the blackness of one's soul.
The Album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Blacklounge Studios between May 2021 and October 2022 by Jonas Kjellgren.

01: Solemn Pestilence
02: Ocean Of Searing Hatred
03: Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage
04: Infinite Virulent
05: Monolithic Suppressor Engaged
06: Cast Into The Hollow
07: Implications Of Sacral Time
08: Lies Of Apathy
09: Bringer Of Deception
10: Dismantling Eternity
The album Will be available on CD Digital and later on vinyl

Ironmaster is
Janne Jaloma -Drums
Jonas Kjellgren - Guitars, Bass
Roberth Karlsson - Vocals

Guitar solo by Bill Hudson


Lyric Videos
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