JADED HEART - Blood Red Skies

"Blood Red Skies" is featured on JADED HEART's album "Heart Attack" - out on 14/10/2022 via Massacre Records - get it here » https://lnk.to/jadedheartheartattack

Video by Holy Noir Productions // https://holynoir.de

DOP/Post-Production: Fabian Dammers
Executive Producer/Camera Operator: Stella Lohmann
Drone Pilot/Production Assistant: Fabian "Fabsche" Bender
Focus Puller/Hair & Make-up: Jana Melody Miller
Set Design & Light: Holy Noir Productions
Mix & Master: Manuel Cohnen @ Parabol Audio // http://www.parabolaudio.com
Model: Fuxteufelswild

https://www.jadedheart.de • https://www.facebook.com/jadedheartmusic

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