KORROSIVE - Fatal Strike


Extreme thrashers Korrosive playing their blast-filled track Fatal Strike off their sophomore album Toxic Apokalypse.

CDs out November 18h!

Brutal assault, it's coming
Dissection, execution, exalting
Bash the head, ooze its flowing
Absolution, revolution, revolting
All as one, ambush razing
Gas chambers, eyes are bleeding
Drop the axe, cries you're hearing
These acts of war, fires are burning

Blood is shed, harrowed screams
Death will come by any means
Ripping skin and honour killings
To violently die, with no meaning
Violence, precision echoing
Contrition, mind is racing
Death finger is on the trigger
Screaming now their last goodbye

Fatal strike no turning back
Spill the blood, counterattack
Fatal strike this pound of flesh
Eye for eye, this is death!

Fatal strike, its coming
Satan's reign, the reckoning
Hail the snake, the king
It’s time to die, fatal strike

Shot, directed, and edited by Michael Jari Davidson
Recorded and mixed by Ben Erikson
Mastered by Arthur Rizk

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