LEAGUE OF DISTORTION - It Hurts So Good feat. Christoph Wieczorek

Self-Titled Debut Album, out November 25...
Pre-Order here: https://lnk.to/LeagueOfDistortion

It Hurts So Good is LEAGUE OF DISTORTIONS 3rd single, in which they are immerging the mystery of their music. They disclose a dirty little secret with this topic, song and production. Featured by the well known lead singer and guitarist Christoph Wieczorek of the band Annisokay
they are uniting forces and presenting a new and modern metal core sound with two powerful, unique and contradistinguished vocalists.

The band adds:
„With this unconventional lullaby, we are sharing a dirty little secret with you.
Writing and creating this song with Christoph Wieczorek and Julian Breucker was an absolute pleasure and blast.
Now we can not wait to be on the road with Annisokay, Caliban and Resolve! Meet us on Tour and JOIN THE LEAGUE.’'

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